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Elykdez's 3x4 Cog Door

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Thank you!

Eventually, the secret is revealed, and the queen shall rest in peace.
Swordmaiden - Guardian of the Queen on July 25th, 2020 04:39 AM EST
Thank you for supporting my creation!

The reasons I do not make this series .schematic files are:
1. Sometimes I post and update them in the latest version. Since a .schematic file only works with 3rd party tools now, they may not come out so fast.
2. My builds are mostly pretty small indeed. A schematic file works well on huge builds, while .nbt is smaller and more simple, and it is officially supported.
3. Mods commonly used like WorldEdit can read .nbt files too, just like .schematics file.

I see lots of people simply rate my stuff 0 because of that without even try them, but I will not change my thoughts. I did some builds in .schematics years ago when official does not support .nbt format, and .schematic was what we can only do with, to share a schematic (not .schematic, like anything we can paste). This site is defined as "the best place to find Minecraft creations (schematics, worlds, maps) to download", which I think is not limited in 1 kind of file format.

Anyway, it is simply 1 command for WorldEdit and a structure block. If you paste a .schematic build, same way you need to type commands, especially to include entities. Most tools support .nbt import, trust me :D, and many file formats are actually derived from that. I give detailed info in all my posts, if you prefer the vanilla way.
Headquarter - Modular Base Collection on July 2nd, 2020 07:06 AM EST
Thank you for supporting my creations!

On this site, there is no other way that we can post an index page without putting anything in download, so I chose this base and made it so, that won't change the intension of this post as the topic shows, and that's what makes the concept of this set of creations, IMO. The words in blue are the links to other pages of the MBC you can click on, that's what this post actually is, a 'portal' page.

And for the way I put my stuff, I personally prefer simplicity, vanilla style, and always let people choose! Not all of my bases being liked by anyone, OFC, so they can pick what they want. I put individual bases in default skins, so people who focus on survival experience will find it very easy to start. I see for some experienced players like you may prefer a complete collection given as whole but it is not a very practical way for me, since there are 13 bases and 12 skins for a combination of 12 X 13 = 156 bases if a complete collection is given, and that will hinder me from updating my stuff without any mods or scripts.

The screenshots given are just as a hint or a basic instruction, not the actual builds so it won't limit your imagination; That is also a point I thinks what's fun to do since it keeps the spirit of the game, 'crafting', and every bases made this way is unique, that's why I'm not just simply sharing my world. You can make thousands of combinations with the skins and cores (don't have to made it like that I did, for e.g., a mixed styled base), that is the real idea of the MBC - more than just a base, but a concept.
Modular Base Collection - Episode 1 on June 19th, 2020 01:32 AM EST

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