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Also there is a working one in this world save~ you may wanna check if it's an importing issue. Hope it helps!
Tree Farm - Modular Base Collection on October 28th, 2020 11:02 PM EST
Thank you for supporting my creation!

Trying to recurring the issue in 1.16.3 with 15 spruce trees planted but nothing happened.

The issue that was mentioned is very possibly caused by these:
1. I haven't checked litematica but that might happen while dealing with .nbt file if it shares some coding with a structure block. Try to import it twice (9s-10s later) after 1st time (piston sounds ceased). Also you may wanna check the 'How to import' section for confirming some issue descriptions.
2. If you've planted a 'not totally normal' tree, it may destroy the mechanism - possible trees are oak and acacia. Actually the most tree I farmed with this in my survival was oak~ just remove branches if you planted an oak yet it goes a big one, that's kinda only 10% chance as mentioned in the 'Caveats' section.
3. If you hear the alarm beeping, that means the storage is full and all wood blocks need to be removed or the conveyor system will overflow.

And if still the problem occurs with the conveyor belt mentioned on the top of the farm, and you are sure everything you've done was ok, you may adjust the conveyor timing by entering the 'maintenance' area and tweak the hopper clock (17 redstone dusts in MC 1.16.3 now). I wouldn't recommend that since it seems everything works fine here, but that could be the silver bullet to solve this, even in the future version of MC.
Tree Farm - Modular Base Collection on October 28th, 2020 10:48 PM EST
Holding down 'shift' key then drag the cursor from where the 2nd slot starts to the end one, then place 1 item in the 1st slot.

Hmm, seems a bit long ago, but sorry for misunderstanding your comment.
Warehouse - Modular Base Collection on October 27th, 2020 12:16 AM EST

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