Elykdez's 3x4 Cog Door

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Submitted by Elykdez
Posted on December 18th, 2019 11:25 PM EST
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Length 15 Width 5 Height 7


The very idea and the name I get is from the game Gears 5 - When Del was facing a vault door made by the COG with the same opening animation, he commented something as "They've put all their tech in making doors". I just realized something previously being regarded pretty fancy yet unuseful in minecraft - a triple piston extender, with the new honey-slime interaction, such awesome door can be re-created in Minecraft! (Much smaller, indeed.)

- This contraption has ALMOST NOTHING BETTER than any other piston doors.
- It is extremely compact, smallest possible size in dimension for that mechanism, IMO.
- It works only in MC 1.15+.

If you hate sand stones... I put almost 'naked' mechanism here with minor deco, you may replace anything of the door frame except honey and slime; furnaces can be replaced by immovable blocks like obsedian. Still if you hate the input position, by downloading it and playing around some time, I believe you'll find how to change it yourself.

Actually, it might have something better than the others - This design is probably the flattest (min height) among all piston doors of the same size as most mechanisms are on the sides. If you make it an entrance of a fortress or a vault, this will absolutely give you a breathtaking sense of ritual just in watching it ooopennnnn.....!

----------------------- Possible 1.16+ New Feature -------------------------
If you replace the frame with obsedian and netherite, you can make a blast-proof door when it's closed. THAT MIGHT BE THE VERY 1ST OF ITS KIND because normal doors get destroyed since explosion penetrates 2 diagonally placed blocks and destroys any pistons in between.

How to import by structure blocks (in vanilla MC):
- Please LOAD IT 3 TIMES!! by a structure block when everything stills or you will see it broken.
- I believe it is fine if you load it by WorldEdit (after forge comes out) and without the glitch I have mentioned.
- And please, do not ask me why it takes 3 times to load, it is a bug in Minecraft and the MC official's kinda not going to fix it forever.
- Please READ↑ and do follow my instructions, then enjoy the game!
- And should you argue with me why it is not a schematic file (I may post one in the future), I'd say it is a schematic, just not .schematic which won't work at the moment I post my stuff, and I always post things that are supported by most major MC third-party softwares on this site since 7 years ago. Almost everything you'd use for import supports nbt file format, and please completely ignore my stuff if you won't even try them for all good.

~ Thanks to Red-Tek (Youtube) for inspiring me with the triple extender design.
~ The largest possible size of this type of door is 4 wide I believe, which needs a compact quadruple piston extender. It is kinda hard to make them so compact like a triple one, so just let it be right now.
~ Thanks to BSL shaders for the amazing screenshots.
~ Please endorse if you like it and have fun!

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Comments (3)

Can't load it. A normal schematic file might be better ...
  by mlux
on March 16th, 2020 08:58 AM EST
y u never make schematics ur builds are lit   by zazu7765
on March 10th, 2020 08:42 PM EST

Thank you for supporting my creations!

It works, isn't it :D. Unlike you, many people don't understand, MCEdit can actually read it.
I'm not really sure but I guess .nbt is 95% = .schematics in most part with a bit less features.
The reason MCEdit not working with it is not because of that .nbt format, but because MCEdit itself only supports .nbt from 1.12-.
It was so good and once my favorite; I really hope it can be updated, then I will still post my stuff in .schematics format, just like the old times.
  by Elykdez
on March 10th, 2020 11:36 PM EST

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