Elykdez's RPS Machine

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Category Redstone
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Size Small
Submitted by Elykdez
Posted on April 30th, 2020 08:05 AM EST
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Length 3 Width 5 Height 5


(This creation is now integrated in the Casino of the MBC as a mini-game addon, alternatively with buttons replaced by levers.)

Q: What is this?
A: This is the game of "Rock, Paper and Scissors", able to be played between you and the machine I designed.

Q: What the hell is all of this?!
A: Though it is kinda impossible, I assume you haven't known the game yet, anyway.
- There are 3 symbols in this game: rock (flint), paper (paper it is) and scissors (shear). Rock wins scissors with its hardness, scissors cut paper gracefully while paper catches a rock like a charm. Better not taking that seriously, just some setups.
- All players make their choices and show them off at once; normally by hand expressions, in this case, items in MC.
- If you choice is countered, then you are lost, or you win otherwise. Same choices leads to a draw.

Q: It looks so simple! I don't buy it!
A: Yeah it is, but it is UNBELIEVABLY COMPACT (most, AFAIK) with a 3x4x5 ONLY size without counting the user interface panel! It is robust, fully operational, self correcting, and there is not even something alike posted on this site till now by my search. The very trick to make it so compact is to use the timing of partial circuit to resolve signal intertwining as well as that nerd-but-neat interface I figured out :p. Perhaps, someone might find it pretty fun, at least it can be played while you are waiting for doing nothing.

Q: What format is that download file? How to import this?
A: It is in nbt format capable of being imported by vanilla MC, so as many tools. If you don't understand it, please check the link below:
- Please INCLUDE ENTITIES if you load it with a structure block or anything else.
- Destroy the structure block after you've finished your import before playing.
- Same steps if you use some 3rd party tools like WorldEdit.
(For WorldEdit, it's only 1 command varies with versions, you may search 'worldedit with nbt' if you don't know it)

Q: Alright, I have done everything now, but I still don't understand how to play it!
A: Just click those buttons. After then, the machine will pick its choice, then you can see if you have beaten the machine, or the machine just get you pinned, or it's a win-win situation, whatever :)). You may start a new round after the item displayed is restored.

Q: I'm so pro and I understand everything, I wanna cheat and troll on my friends!
A: Yes, you can, OFC. That's simple and I assume you will know how to adjust the probabilities of output if you've made it so far without any of my help above. A previous psychological research shows that 35% are rocks, 35% are scissors and 30% are paper when an adult human picking his or her choices under normal conditions, so good luck!

~ Please READ 1st if you have any trouble! If you don't read, don't wanna learn, don't ask yet you don't understand, please skip my creation! Because that'll only make you panic, yet all my wishes to share my stuff is to make people happy.
~ Please inform me if you find any glitches / bugs / anomalies. Thank you so much if you would like to help me improve my stuff, and I will make updates if so.
~ Thanks to BSL shaders for the amazing screenshots.
~ And please endorse if you like it and have fun!

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Comments (5)

this is quite sad but i dont understand which droppers i need to fill with what
  by JNQX
on March 30th, 2021 09:17 AM EST
Thanks   by Notcyrbo
on June 12th, 2020 09:02 AM EST
bro doesnt even give a schematic, 0/10
  by ssmile
on June 11th, 2020 03:51 PM EST
How do i load it with worldedit??   by Notcyrbo
on June 11th, 2020 03:37 PM EST

That is one of the solutions.
  by Elykdez
on June 11th, 2020 11:17 PM EST

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