Apartment - Modular Base Collection

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Submitted by Elykdez
Posted on December 1st, 2019 06:17 AM EST
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Length 19 Width 19 Height 15


Modular Base Collection - Apartment

This is the home for lots of villagers / players, as the apartment unit of the MBC.
Someone messaged me he built all my stuff on his survival world and he felt like a king reigning in his bases, but there are all machines, without life. I was very pleased that some people appreciate my stuff, so I made this extra base of the MBC for it is pretty fun to have some stupid villagers around, or some friends if you play with, to overcome your loneliness.

- Contains 6 x 3 = 18 rooms for people (villagers / players) to live in.
- Contains all possible working stations inside to spawn different types of villagers.
- A place for your survival server if someone just join and start to play around, he / she will find a place to live, for a period at least.
- A place to spawn raids, and to defend (like you can build some defensive systems around).
- Kinda stylish interior with some MBC feelings ~ if you like the genre.
- Kinda non-standard MBC base. This time, it truly contains NO redstone.

- Removed some carpets and improved interior design in corridor. The villagers may stuck if you place carpets around doors. (Really stupid...)
- Added more glasses to prevent villagers stuck inside the shaft, or suicide sometimes. (Life is kinda hard, isn't it...)

Version required: 1.14+

How to import (in vanilla MC):
1. Read the instruction about structure block on wiki.
2. Place the nbt file under {MC directory}/saves/{your world}/generated/minecraft/structures/.
3. Open your world and type: /give @a minecraft:structure_block 1.
4. Always Include Entities.
5. Load it into your world, structure name = file name.
6. Replace the structure block with sandstone and it is done.
(Well, this thing can't go wrong, the structure block bug only mess with redstone stuff.)
7. It is also importable by WorldEdit, or anything supports .nbt files.

How to use:
1. If you find it not enough, you can stack it up to a skyscraper. Everything will fit, just like the other MBC units.
2. I put 6 villagers inside though there are 18 beds. If you play survival and wanna spawn more, feed them breads and they will breed, or transport some from villages.

- Paintings will break if you load it with structure blocks. I think it is fine with WorldEdit.
- It is NOT an iron golem farm, though some may spawn at the bell. It is a feature of this game, so please deal with that.

- People also asked why I did not put extra windows in any MBC bases. It is kinda hard for all different types of bases to have proper window positions aligned for me, but it is easy for you by picking one of them and doing it from inside.

~ Thanks to BSL shaders and Soartex resource pack for the amazing screenshots.
~ Enjoy, please endorse if you like it, and have fun.

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