Elykdez's Wither Farm

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Posted on November 20th, 2019 12:30 PM EST
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Length 14 Width 9 Height 9

Youtube video


This device is capable of CAPTURE OR KILL a wither in your world.

To kill the wither with redstone? Here it is, the 'that-sophisticated' redstone killing machine you will need to 'Bring Home the Beacon' in survival.
- Actually it doesn't kill; it only helps, but you do.
- Concept link and credit to Logdotzip (Youtube).
- That contraption in the up link DOES NOT WORK in 1.14+, so I remade it here with a workable solution.

Questions always come 1st about why would anyone in hell want to capture such an abomination! I would explain much, as it might be the best way to farm the new withered rose! Since wither can mine blocks with its explosive projectiles, we may also use that as a part of automatic wood/stone collectors in some farms. The 2 blocks wide gap in the middle is kinda enough to fit stuff, I won't do anything here because it is your fun to create something out of this in your fully automated bases, just never block between the enchanting table and the wither.

This device may damage your world if the wither escapes by false operations. I take NO responsibility of that if you do NOT follow my instructions below!
- Please watch the video 1st, if possible.
- A backup of your world is strongly recommended before loading this device in. And if you wanna build or import it in survival, please play around 1st in creative mode.

How to use:
1. I have put a book in the farm on a lectern, find it and read 1st. Read every sign I put in the farm and then do everything according to the book.
2. Everything you need is in the chest. If you play survival and build it, you should prepare a bit ahead for those items.
3. The boat should be placed as in the screenshot, the center of the boat must pass the center of the platform.
4. If you only want to trap it, it will be much easy. The wither won't escape if you keep the altar and replace the center slime block with a wall later.
5. FYI, if you attack it, you have to kill it then.
6. If you did everything right, you can kill it with your bare hands (better with a weapon) since it won't fight back.
7. This farm is 1-time-use as wither eats blocks, so any farm alike has the same issue. Luckily, only a few stuff that needs to be put back before you reuse everything; mainly the altar and the cross platform, about 11 blocks + 2 items in total.

How it works:
- Wither will try to BREAK any blocks AROUND it, and try to attack things it SEES with its 3 heads; it's AI has been also improved a lot in the past few MC versions.
- The mechanism of the farm is to counter those situations. The boat prevents it moving upward while those walls imprison it with higher hit boxes without being destroyed. Those golems are initial targets for it to attack, the snowball provokes it, and the double-piston extender makes a ceiling so it will not see you.
- If it can't move, can see nothing but a golem, thus it is tamed (kinda dangerous, but cool).

How to import by structure blocks (in vanilla MC):
- Please load it 2 TIMES!! by a structure block or you will see it broken, it is a bug in MC 1.14.
- If you use something like WorldEdit, I think it shall be fine.

Tips for survival players:
- The End is a perfect place to build the device to keep it alive for your farms. End stone has high blast resistance, few things there, and the weather change effect won't work, all for contingencies.

~ If you have any questions, I will explain it very detailed in comment, should you ask.
~ Thanks to BSL shaders and Soartex resource pack for the amazing screenshots.
~ Please enjoy my creation and have fun with it in your games!

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