Barn - Modular Base Collection

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Submitted by Elykdez
Posted on October 28th, 2019 08:26 AM EST
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Length 19 Width 19 Height 15


Modular Base Collection - Barn

It is also called the animal farm, without the pigs :))

- Composed of 4 different farms, for beef / drumstick / feather / milk / wool / honey / comb and more.
- Cow farm can be also used to farm anything that is 1.5 block tall and a cub below 1 block tall (Sheep, Mooshroom).
- The Inner layout is highly flexible (explained below).

- Bees in the barn! 2 automatic apiaries were added for honey/honeycomb!
- Removed turtle farm, it was a free space for you to customize anyway.

Version required: 1.15+

How to import (in vanilla MC):
1. Read the instruction about structure block on wiki.
2. Place the nbt file under {MC directory}/saves/{your world}/generated/minecraft/structures/.
3. Open your world and type: /give @a minecraft:structure_block 1.
4. Always Include Entities. If you load more than once, turn it off on consequent loads.
5. Load it into your world, structure name = file name.
6. If anything breaks, load it twice after 10 seconds.
(BTW, this farm is kinda 100% broken on the 1st load because of the observer bug, include entities on 2nd load or cows will die in lava)
7. Replace the structure block with sandstone and it is done.
8. It is also importable by WorldEdit, or anything supports .nbt files.

How to use:
1. Chicken farms and the Wool farm are fully automatic, so you shall not be bothered. Both farms can be toggled and if the chicken farm is off, you will get eggs.
2. The apiaries are also automatic, 1 farm honey and 1 farm honeycomb by default. For the honey farm, you may harvest in both the dispenser and the chest to get honey. You may switch the farm types by placing shears / bottles inside those dispensers, and turn them off by flipping the levers aside top pistons.
3. To use the cow farm, simply press the left button aside, then go and feed them, press it again to remove water, then press the right button to kill the adult; their cubs shall live and grow up for your next kill. (That was pretty much intense...) A screenshot above shows the feeding process.
4. This entire farm is free for you to customize. 2 rows on each side of one layer to fit those farms, 4 in total. You can have 4 cow farms or 6 chicken farms, if you prefer to eat beef/chicken, all free of choices. If you are a vegetarian, even in MC, you can have honey and wool farms on both level.

- Tracks in the wool farm may go in wrong direction after pasting, make it unusable (Not always, but sometimes. The new structure block is really good, even with those bugs...). You may have to align them in a left-to-right direction yourself; check the screenshot for track placement, each has a hopper minecart on the move.
- Cow farm may still break after multiple loads (rarely happen). Just FYI, a water bucket on the bottom dispenser and all lava ones on the top if you have any trouble to fix them.
- If those dispensers in the wool farm or apiaries runs out for shear, don't forget to put some inside.
- Its OK for some empty bottles inside the apiaries, that is a feature of the farm design so I made it that compact. FYI, if you put 64 bottles on the top, the expectation honey of the farm will be 32, which is 50% of the bottles you put in the top dispenser; if you put 96 bottles (actually recommended), it will be around 50 (a non-linear ratio). The math behind this is a bit complicated, but the farming efficiency (honey/min) drop is negligible. You will hear empty dispenser sound if those farms need replenishment.

~ Thanks to BSL shaders and Soartex resource pack for the amazing screenshots.
~ Enjoy, please endorse if you like it, and have fun.

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Comments (3)

Bees are here now! I may improve that with a bit more complicate yet better design, but right now it works smooth and everything is updated for 1.15 for you to enjoy ~   by Elykdez
on December 11th, 2019 06:15 AM EST
Can you please tell me how to put the cows in to the barn please? The other animals are there just not the cows.   by kiwingirl
on November 18th, 2019 02:07 AM EST

Load it twice. 1st time not Include entities, include it on the second time after some seconds. I explained it to you under the MBC index thread.
  by Elykdez
on November 18th, 2019 03:51 AM EST

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