Crops Farm - Modular Base Collection

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Submitted by Elykdez
Posted on October 28th, 2019 07:08 AM EST
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Length 19 Width 19 Height 15


Modular Base Collection - Crops Farm

This is the farm part of the modular base collection. Every base needs a farm, like every person needs food to survive.

- Composed by 3 layers, each with 4 x 29 functional farmland (totally 348, or 5 and 28 stacks).
- Multi-purposes, can farm anything grow-able and 1 block high.
- Auto harvest and collect.
- Super simple redstone mechanism, easy for planting by level and maintenance.

Version required: 1.14+

How to import (in vanilla MC):
1. Read the instruction about structure block on wiki.
2. Place the nbt file under {MC directory}/saves/{your world}/generated/minecraft/structures/.
3. Open your world and type: /give @a minecraft:structure_block 1.
4. Always Include Entities. If you load more than once, turn it off on consequent loads.
5. Load it into your world, structure name = file name.
6. If anything breaks, load it twice after 10 seconds.
7. Replace the structure block with sandstone and it is done.
8. It is also importable by WorldEdit, or anything supports .nbt files.

How to use:
- Plant wheat / potato / carrot / beetroot / nether wart, wait them grow, and harvest by flipping the flood control lever at the entrance. This might be the simplest redstone design among the modular base collection, yet a necessary part to complete any of your bases.

- The farm may be flooded on 1st time import, even loaded twice. Flip the flood gate lever and it should be fixed, this farm is really simple and I'm sure you can figure it out!
- Not the best-efficiency design AFAIK, but it looks nice IMO.

~ Thanks to BSL shaders and Soartex resource pack for the amazing screenshots.
~ Enjoy, please endorse if you like it, and have fun.

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