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Can you copy and paste the offending command line please and send it to me
Mob farm updated III on May 9th, 2016 12:46 AM EST
Good stuff certainly works well I did not have as much success with it as you did but I do have villages and iron Gollums. I am a bit puzzled about the level 64 as I couldn't find it documented anywhere but sure enough having it at a different height does not work!
NPCVillage on May 7th, 2016 11:33 PM EST
Very nice but far too large for me
Schematic #4815 on May 3rd, 2016 03:04 AM EST
Yes it does look okay I brought it into 1.9.2 and maybe that is it but the levers buttons etcetera made little sense. What is the bit of rail and piston on the upper floor for. There appears to be a missing layer at the bottom. Maybe the signs had info but there was no text. Has it been saved with
LARGE 3 story Mansion [64x64] on April 23rd, 2016 07:42 AM EST
You really have done a lot of work on this and it is excellent I have placed it in the jungle and it fits well. But why are there hundreds of monster eggs is this some sort of defence against other players?
castle "Rabenstein" on April 19th, 2016 07:23 PM EST
Very nice and well done I will put it in the jungle part of my world.
Tree House (Updated for 1.8.9) on April 19th, 2016 07:20 PM EST
I have just downloaded the schematic from here and checked it because I could not find the problem in my copy. In MC edit you must make sure that the update command block coords is ticked. There is a small error though that doesn't affect this which I will fix thank you.
MOB Farm Updated II on March 23rd, 2016 10:57 PM EST
I have just found that spaces on the end of my teleport commands stops MCEDIT from updating the command! I did not expect that. I will fix it in III soon to be posted and correct II soon.
MOB Farm Updated II on March 23rd, 2016 07:34 PM EST
Yes I am aware of that problem but not when I posted it. Is a problem I cannot do much about if you examine the command blocks you will find that most blocks will have been updated properly by MC edit but those teleport blocks in the command block chain are not altered? I've been thinking about taking it up with MC edit. To move very quickly about your world you can / and then enter tp @p x y z numeric instead of XYZ of course. I am about to put up version 3 which has another floor and a reworked elevator to match it. All the command blocks well most have been put in one place and these are remotely switched from the controls on the elevator. What I have to do if I insert the mob farm into a world is go through all the teleport blocks and fix them. Strangely MC edit does calculate correctly for an isolated block. If I rotate I use a spreadsheet to do my calculations but since rightly this should be hidden underground with the marked point at 55 (between 50 and 60 will do) there does not seem to be a lot of point. By the way you do not get slime unless it is at this level and in swampland the biome of the mob farm has been set to swampland but it still must be at that level.
MOB Farm Updated II on March 23rd, 2016 03:04 PM EST
Mob Farm Updated on March 8th, 2016 10:58 PM EST
You like that sort of thing? You could have set the difficulty to peaceful!
4 Iron Doors on March 8th, 2016 09:28 PM EST
If you have any problems get back to me. Command blocks can be difficult but oh so useful. The version I work with automatically rails materials 400 blocks away but really is not suitable to post.
MOB Farm Updated II on March 7th, 2016 10:28 PM EST
This was largely updated in oct 2015. See MOB farm updated. My version of that also collects and sorts, but in addition automatically ships by rail to factory 100s of blocks away. I have not posted it because of its size.
Schematic #5011 on March 3rd, 2016 05:10 PM EST
Agreed but since it was by ANDMan I did not want to change it much.
Updated Citadel on March 3rd, 2016 04:59 PM EST
I was looking for temple or such to put on a mountain. This fitted the bill because of the look and the size. I have updated it a bit in 1.8.9 see Updated Citadel
Citadel on March 3rd, 2016 04:55 AM EST
Excellent and well done but far too large for my requirement.
Iron Man's Mansion on February 26th, 2016 06:28 AM EST
Well done but too large for me
Traditional mansion on February 26th, 2016 06:09 AM EST
Unfathomable lots of movement but nothing appears to be elevated.
Redstone Elevator on February 26th, 2016 06:04 AM EST
Sort of works and transports player but flaky. I was ejected from it more than once. Also often did not work.
Schematic #6221 on February 26th, 2016 06:00 AM EST
If you drop down the centre it sets of various effect commands. Sorry I do not get it!
Simple editable commandblocks on February 26th, 2016 05:55 AM EST
Works well. Pigman can come through an unattended nether portal.
Toggle-able Nether Portal on February 26th, 2016 05:50 AM EST
more explanation would help. Portal to where?
Portal Gun 2 on February 26th, 2016 05:47 AM EST
Is it meant to elevate items or players? Did not work for me in 1.8.9
Super Tall Pistion Elevator on February 26th, 2016 05:42 AM EST
A good representation of star gate rings
Stargate Ring Transporter on February 26th, 2016 05:38 AM EST
You forgot to tick air???
A medium Submarine by Zertoren3132 on January 18th, 2016 08:02 PM EST
downloads easily and looks great in my world.
A medium Submarine by Zertoren3132 on January 18th, 2016 08:01 PM EST
Apologies for the typos in the comments. I use speech recognition and I did not proof it properly.
Mob Farm Updated on October 31st, 2015 02:12 PM EST
I am thinking of using this to apply my walls and bridges to. I don't get this though "Four bridges that are safe against mobs (creepers, skeletons, zombies)". My testing shows they walk straight in. I was in normal creative mode. Could you explain the purpose of the lava please. I commend your effort it is a well detailed building thank you.
Practical castle on March 12th, 2015 08:06 PM EST
Yes I would be glad of that or could email it as a new schematic to me?
Schematic #5011 on March 7th, 2015 03:52 AM EST
The killing part is from Chunkbase who was concentrating on slimes. I added the lava at the top because spiders would hang about there. Should I have lowered there instead? With the glass do you mean opaque bits? I am not sure what ceiling you mean.

BTW There is Nether Soul Sand in the killing part not entirely sure why. Thanks for the feedback.
Schematic #5011 on March 6th, 2015 05:22 AM EST
There has been 15 downloads on this what nobody has anything to say? Could it be improved what are its good and bad points?
Schematic #5011 on March 5th, 2015 05:58 PM EST
Is it smaller on the outside?
Dr. Who 1st doctor tardis on March 5th, 2015 05:19 PM EST
If you are talking about the delay module I agree and will completely change it to something much less convoluted.
Infinite 3 wide bridge on March 5th, 2015 12:29 AM EST
Congratulations neat solution. Not realising how the daylight sensor works I built a convoluted delay plus latch circuit. Which has problems on import enough said I will dump mine and use this.
Dusk to Dawn Switch with Override on March 4th, 2015 12:01 AM EST
I downloaded this to see if I was reinventing something. I also have posted a MOB farm but mine automatically collects loot. This one is for XP (experience that is) mine not at all. Works well for XP. As indicated it works on water I could not get it to work elsewhere. An explanation of the two levers would be good. One switches it on an the other?? Maybe it was to operate the pistons?? Looks good and if you get down in the pit (put a bottom in it first) with a sword you certainly can quickly build up the experience points.
Overworld XP Farm on March 3rd, 2015 06:46 PM EST