4 Iron Doors

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Submitted by Mikeoz28
Posted on March 5th, 2016 01:48 AM EST
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Length 3 Width 12 Height 6


Okay you want to use an iron door! So you install the iron door a lever on it simple. You open the door and walk through but the door is still open you can't right click to close it. So maybe a button is a better idea so you use a button. Click the button dash through and where are you trapped on the other side of the door oh well break the door think again. So what you need is a lever on each side but you will find once a lever opens the door that lever needs to be used to close it. There is a Redstone gate is very large and solves the problem. What I present is a simpler way that you can use as a component for double iron doors. It has a lever both sides which are independent of each other you can use a lever to open the door walk through and then use the lever on the other side to close it. There is a catch the way I've done it means you cannot rotate on insertion of the schematic without a fair bit of fiddling so what I've done is presented four schematics for all points the compass look at the sign on each carefully. I hope many find this useful.

Please note I have not commented on pressure plates because you should know mobs can activate pressure plates. Many authors of schematic's do not seem to realise that.

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Completely off-topic, but wanted to give a funny story about how I learned about mobs activating pressure plates. I'd setup some command blocks that would teleport the nearest player to another spot when they stepped on the attached plate. Unbeknownst to me, I hadn't completely lit the area, so a couple of mobs would regularly spawn near that spot. As I was the only one on the server, I was always "closest", and was continually being teleported to that spot and couldn't get anywhere else. As I moved closer to where the command block was, mobs would naturally spawn kicking me away from the block so I couldn't fix it. I could SEE the little jerks dancing on that plate as I neared, but it took an hour of constantly trying to finally get close enough to break the command block!   by QuibblingAsh42
on March 8th, 2016 11:31 AM EST

You like that sort of thing? You could have set the difficulty to peaceful!
  by Mikeoz28
on March 8th, 2016 09:28 PM EST

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