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Submitted by Elykdez
Posted on November 21st, 2019 11:46 AM EST
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Length 19 Width 19 Height 15


Modular Base Collection - Skins

These are the skins for the MBC (click the title to check it out!).

- Even if you don't care about MBC, you can use them as your lovely cozy houses; and even if you don't care about using them, I just give you a world save perfectly tuned for builders, so please try it cause it's awesome!
- Actually I would recommend you to try the MBC if you are a survival player. If you use them freely without making an MBC base, you may wanna complete the interior and polish a bit exterior just for a better house.

- Is a world save.
- Got 12 skins:
1. the Bunker - Made by stone (probably common in game), castle-like and very friendly for survival builders.
2. the Oasis - The standard skin of MBC, a composition of sandstone and its red variant, fits for almost every biome.
3. the Metropolis - A mix of bricks and terracotta, features some city buildings in the early last century.
4. the Nordic - Wooden house with a pretty rooftop, kinda stylish, nice for a town build or such.
5. the Glassbox - Transparent, you can see everything inside, super cool with MBC.
6. the Shroom - Some kinda derpy stuff, but works well in swamps and mushroom islands.
7. the Rapturist - Retro-futurism building styles of the Rapture in the BioShock series! Awesome for underwater bases.
8. the Impenetrable - Has walls of obsidian and nether bricks, looks just matching your super evil lairs in the nether.
9. the Beginning - End-stone temple, with the power and will, you shall conquer the world from there!
10. the Tangge - Mysterious shrine of the east, made by concrete, looks magnificent if you stack it up to a pagoda.
11. the Lost - Life thrives on the ruin of an ancient fortress, has eroded walls and fits astonishingly in a jungle.
12. the Edelweiss - Looks just like something made by Queen Elsa of the Frozen, don't put too much lightning or it will melt!
- It may look like the ChunkBase series, I know (some parts are kinda inspired by that), but all my stuff are not within a chunk. As you can see, they are all designed with exact same interior space and exit positions to fit for the MBC.

How to use a structure block?
- Click on it.

How does that work with MBC:
- If you don't use them for MBC, skip this part.
- If you are that pro, you will actually know what to do with my save, so just totally skip this and go play around.
1. All the MBC bases are 19w x 19l x 15h and 15w x 15l x 12h (except wood farm, which is 15 tall) inside.
2. By any means, if you can extract the inner mechanism (like this), then you can place it inside those skins.
3. To extract with a structure block in vanilla MC:
- 1. Load the bases you like into the skin world.
- 2. Copy your favorite skin somewhere blank.
- 3. Dig 2 blocks from x, then 2 blocks from z starting at the structure block of the skin.
- 4. Place another structure block, extract the inner part with 15w x 12h x 15l size with 0,0,0 in position (including floor).
- 5. Put that extraction into the new skin at ground corner. Load 3 times, include entities once to avoid the structure block bug.
- 6. Replace the structure block inside with a sand stone then rename and save the base.
- 7. Now you've just got a new base! It is under {MC directory}/saves/{your world}/generated/minecraft/structures/, Load it into the world of yours and play!
4. If you do it with WorldEdit, it might be better since there is no pasting bug, and just like using MCEdit... Before its broken.

- The wood farm, launcher and headquarter are a bit different with other units. You need to include 15x15x15 for the wood farm, make a 1-blk-thick ceiling for the launcher to work and a glass in the middle for the HQ.
- It is impossible to keep the style inside any skin with structure block, but super easy with WorldEdit or something with 'replace blocks' function.
- If you use the 'Lost' or 'Glassbox' skins for the MBC, make sure the end of tracks in some bases is a solid block, or they will not work properly.

~ Thanks to BSL shaders and Soartex resource pack (cover) for the amazing screenshots.
~ Enjoy, please endorse if you like it and have fun!

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Comments (3)


I really tried to use your frames. I just don't understand the instructions as I just can't get them to work for me. Help me please?


  by mlhewer
on November 28th, 2019 02:30 AM EST

  by Machad0
on November 28th, 2019 11:39 AM EST

XD ~ Thank you for supporting my creations!

The concept is like this: All the MBC bases have 15 x 12 x 15 inner size (except the wood farm, it is 15 tall), the skin is 2 blocks thick and all of them have exactly SAME size in both OUTSIDE (19 x 15 x 19) and INSIDE.

If you use any means of method (structure blocks, WorldEdit) that can extract their interior (with the ground floor), then you can put the extractions into those new skins, they will 100% fit. For e.g., If you have an Iphone, and you have a case, you can change any cases for your Iphone, because it will not change in size.

You may wanna check -, I just extracted all of them and put them in a new save, what you wanna do is to put them into those skins like that ~

Actually it is pretty fun! Like you can DIY a schematic yourself by combining 2 schematics, I did it myself, too. The default skin is kinda for convenience so people can really start to build their bases quickly.

The reason why I'm not making it awhole is because there will be way too much work for me... I made 12 bases in EP1 and 12 skins, then we have a combination of 12 ^ 2 = 144 bases... If I update them or add new stuff, I will be doomed XD ~.

It may take 1-2h in the beginning to complete a set of bases, but if you become familiar with the process, you can complete it in 1h, I'm sure.
  by Elykdez
on November 28th, 2019 01:30 PM EST

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