Elykdez's Underwater Airlock

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Submitted by Elykdez
Posted on July 21st, 2014 04:25 AM EST
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Length 10 Width 12 Height 7 960 blocks


It is kinda hard to find a compact airlock design for my underwater base, so i decided to build this myself. Thanks to derpypaco(Youtube) for his bud switch idea as well.

This airlock is redstone torch activated. Orange wool = draining / Cyan wool = flooding. Putting a torch on either side to open / close the door. It fits well as a puzzle style underwater entrance in adventure maps.

Considering redstone connectivity issue caused by pasting, I have already filled some space with glass blocks / strings in the schematic so that you can just replace some glass blocks then paste it without air / water inside a cliff / wall; you can even rotate this contraption and it will still work.

- Very compact (the actual size is 10X5X7).
- Works smoothly.
- Fast opening / closing.
- No buttons / levers.

- The entrance is not hidden.
- It is controlled by an RS-nor latch so when it's closed, it can't be open on the other side!!
(Well not that bad, it may prevent others from entering your base if they don't wanna destroy it).

- 1st time use may cause malfunction because repeater lock signal and buds may messed up after pasting, just open / close it 1-2 times.
- When you paste it among sand / gravel, make sure the top 2 pistons with orange wool can extend in any situation. (to prevent sand falling)

~ Thanks to Sphax BDcraft textures and KUDA shaders for the amazing screenshots.
~ Before you rate it, please try it 1st :D! Thank you for supporting this design and I'm sure it'll be a good option to fit in your very own Rapture or Atlantis!

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