Cumulo Nimbus Mk. 1 (Corrected)

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Length 150 Width 37 Height 41


The Cumulo Nimbus class of combat airship was designed and built as an extended development and drastic upgrade to the Nimbus airship.

After an extensive service career as a multirole capital airship, it became clear that the Nimbus-class was slowly being outclassed by contemporary competitors in two major aspects: firepower, and range.

In response to the need for improved firepower, the 14-gun Broadside Barrage used on the Nimbus was replaced by the Obsidia M15 self-loading howitzer/cannon (the same weapon used on the Sunderland flying boat). The Cumulo Nimbus was also upsized to carry the larger cannon; 20 of these, in each broadside.

The same model of main gun was re-used on the Cumulo Nimbus, this time three of them were installed, giving the ship three times the forward firepower while maintaining the same effective range.

Armor was also improved on the Cumulo Nimbus. The frontal bridge's windshield was triple-layered, with multiple vital parts of the ship having a layer of iron framing sandwiched in between the ship's outer armor and interior.

Like the Nimbus, the Cumulo Nimbus performed the tasks of support gunship, ground attack, strategic bomber, high altitude surveillance, and maritime patrol.

The Cumulo Nimbus was crewed by a total of 12-14 operators.

Weapons and Armament:

Main Gun:

3x Obsidia M428 Self-loading cannon.
These cannons are mounted on the top of the ship's front half. All three are wired to be able to fire from the bridge and the tower. Each cannon has an estimated effective range of 150 to 200 blocks.


20x Obsidia M15 Self-loading Howitzer/Cannon. (40 total)
An improvement from the Broadside Barrage. Has an effective range of 70 to 90 blocks.

40x Fireball HMGs. (160 total)
Each side of the ship's upper and lower broadsides are embedded with these HMGs.

Defensive Armament:

1x Hyrda Multicannon.
This remote-operated cannon array is mounted facing backwards in front of the ship's tail. Best used for counter attacking fighters and interceptors.

4x Automatic Fireball HMGs.
Pointed backwards in the ordinance bay.

6x Lava-Veiled HMGs.
Pointed forwards in the ordinace bay, can also be loaded with arrows as an alternative for ground attack.


40x TNT Dispensers.
Automatic TNT droppers for carpet bombing large areas.

Crew Layout: (12-14)
2x Pilots
1x Main Gunner
2x Broadside Gunners

2x Pilots
1x Main Gunner

Ordinance Bay:
1x Frontal Gunner
1x Bombardier
1x Rear Gunner

1x Hydra Multicannon Operator

Additional Notes:

> All weapons are fed via Droppers and can be safely loaded from the inside with the exception of the Main Guns and the Hydra cannon array.
> Broadsides are internally armored with a layer of slabs and iron bars for additional protection.
> Windshield in the Main Bridge and other major glass parts are multi-layered.
> Crew and officers' quarters are in the far rear, custom equipment is supplied for each position.
> Command blocks (10 of these) are located in the Main Bridge (6) and Navigation Tower(4).

Place in airfields or in mid-air for best effect.

IMPORTANT: Several blocks such as Stairs, Dispensers and Droppers may not rotate with the rest of the schematic if it is rotated, mirrored or flipped.

>Corrected the Circle Stone Brick "Frame" On the left side of the ship.
>Replaced the Lever on the Fire Control block in the Tower with a Button.

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