Working Air Warship - Destroyer Mk II with advanced armor and extended range cannons

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Posted on June 29th, 2014 04:17 PM EST
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An update on the workhorse of the Royal Navy fleet. The second version of the Destroyer has thicker armor and more firepower, yet does not consume substantially more resources to construct, which was critical to the beleagured Kingdom of Lanier during the War of Acquisition. Also included in the ship's hangar bay are two closed-cockpit torpedo fighters, compared to the orginal open cockpit designs.


Destroyer's were expected to perform a wide variety of tasks by the Royal Navy. These included ground assault, fighter screening, warship attack, and strategic bombing. They excelled at all of these using their varied and impressive array of weapons.


2 x Forward facing main cannons with advanced range extenders
- Fired by the button on the floor of the main bridge, or by the button on the gun deck (NOTE: DO NOT USE WHILE MOVING)
- Fires a total of 4 TNT charges per volley
- Configurable range using a "minor" and "major" range extender, providing 4 different range settings
- Configurable fuse
- Effective at breaking through capital airship armor exposing the flammable interior

2 x Forward facing rapid fire machine guns
- Can be fired by the lever on the cieling of the main bridge
- Can be loaded with arrows for ground assault or fireballs for aerial combat
- When loaded with fireballs, effective for setting unarmored airships on fire

2 banks of 5 x rapid fire machine guns facing port and starboard
- Fired using the lever on the walls of the broadside weapons control rooms
- Includes lava dispensers to ignite arrows
- Can be loaded with arrows or fireballs

8 automatic bomb droppers spread out along the bottom of the ship
- Rapidly demolishes the area below the airship
- Capable of drilling all the way to bedrock within about 30 seconds

Get Movecraft here:

Use these craft files for Movecraft, put them in the pluginsmovecrafttypes directory:

Finally, if you need help setting up Movecraft, use this tutorial:

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Comments (2)

It don't work in 1.8 :( but worked in 1.7.10   by radiodrag
on January 10th, 2015 04:38 PM EST
The bomb dropper is very good could wipe out a city in no time.
Great vid love your work
  by jar9
on July 26th, 2014 12:06 AM EST

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