Aircraft Carrier Airship - Silver Empire Escort Carrier

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An Aircraft Carrier Airship that can be flown using the Movecraft Plugin for Minecraft. Everything works: the aircraft elevator, the guns, and the fighters themselves.

The Escort Carriers of the Silver Empire are built to exert control over a wide area by carrying dozens of fighters for a variety of missions from fighter screening to warship attack to ground assault. While they themselves are not heavily armed, the fighters they carry have significantly more offensive capability than any comparably sized traditional warship.

The Escort Carrier has a spacious hangar deck and a vast interior completely furnished for officers and crew. Also provided is significant storage space for carrying off the spoils of war.

Also included is one example of each of the 3 basic Silver Empire fighters: the Air Superiority Fighter, the Multi Role Fighter, and the Ground Assault Fighter.

6 x Repeating fireball cannons on each side
2 x Repeating fireball cannons facing aft, to discourage persuit

Hangar Capacity, including flight deck and hangar deck:
Maximum of 22 Air Superiority Fighters
Typical configuration of 10 Air Superiority Fighters and 7 Multi Role Fighters

30 Interior rooms and spaces, including:
Flight Ops
Flight Deck Ops
Aircraft Maintenance Shop
Engine Room
Aft Bridge
Hangar Deck
Aircraft Elevator
Main Bridge
Mess Hall
Captains Quarters
Officer's Quarters
Enlisted Quarters
Signatory Storage/Cells

Fighter compliment stats:

Air Superiority Fighter - Small and nimble fighter for clearing the skies of enemy fighters
- 3 x Repeating Fireball Guns

Multi Role Fighter - Crammed full of every weapon type imagineable
- 3 x Repeating Fireball Guns
- 2 x Air Torpedoes (small)
- 1 x Repeating Bomb Dropper

Ground Assault Fighters - Armored fighter designed for ground attacks
- 2 x Repeating Flaming Arrow Guns

This is designed to be flyable without killing your server. Although there is alot of space onboard, the number of blocks used was kept down so you won't have too much lag.

Use these craft files for Movecraft, put them in the plugins\movecraft\types directory:

Finally, if you need help setting up Movecraft, use this tutorial:

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