Behemoth Airship

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Submitted by msummers
Posted on September 5th, 2013 09:59 PM EST
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35000 blocks


A massive zeppelin style airship that can be flown using the Movecraft 3.1.28 (or later) mod for Bukkit. Although it does cause significant server lag when moved.

This the first capital airship I made, also the largest. Compared to the smaller Destroyer, it has a more sleek design. However it is probably a less practical warship in combat. It requires multiple people to be used effectively, which can be difficult to coordinate.


Main Bridge controls navigation and main cannons.
Directly aft of the Main Bridge is a nexus of corridors leading throughout the ship. Signs are posted giving directions to the other sections.
Bomb Bay controls the cluster bomb dropper as well as gives an excellent view of the area beneath the ship.
Crew quarters are in the forward section of the ship. My daughters helped build it, and 2 of the rooms are theirs. There are secret doors in both rooms that allow you to explore the ship superstructure or make repairs. (They chose the coloring, don't blame me...)
Ship Stores is, as it sounds, for storing material for repairs as well as building smaller support craft and ammunition.
There is a large hangar bay including 4 landing pads for smaller support craft.
There are 3 defensive rings with machine gun emplacements. Port, Starboard, and Dorsal (pointed up). These are intended to defend the ship against air attacks.
There is also an Emergency Bridge at the extreme aft end of the ship. If the Main Bridge is destroyed, the ship
navigation can be controlled from here.
Unlike the smaller Destroyer, the Behemoth is intended more as an aircraft carrier. While it does have its own defenses, most notably the main cannons, it relies heavily on support craft for defenses.


2 x Forward facing main cannons
- Includes seperate safeties for each cannon, so each can be fired seperately or together from the same button
- Fires maximum of 4 TNT charges per volley
- Configurable range
- Effective at breaking through capital airship armor exposing the flammable interior

3 Devensive Rings with 4 dual machine gun emplacements each (24 guns total)
- Intended primarily for anti-air defense using fireballs, but can be loaded with arrows for ground attack

1 Cluster bomb dropper
- Drops 9 TNT bombs arranged in a circle, with 1 on a shorter fuse in the middle
- Middle TNT explodes mid-air, sending the others flying in all directions
- Causes massive destruction beneath the airship

This is based on my own custom ".craft" files used for Movecraft 3.1.28, with 2 different craft deffinitions
One is the Behemoth type, which includes any craft bigger than 1000 blocks. It requires:
> 50% wool (lift)
> 1% redstone blocks (engines)
> 0.001% diamond blocks (makes the ships worth fighting over)
Includes Netherbrick and Hardened Clay in Allowed Blocks, so the hangars work for carrying Airskiffs without the Airskiff trying to include the Behemoth. Other Allowed Blocks are as per the old Ships plugin.

The other is the Airskiff type, which must be smaller than 1000 blocks
> 50% wool (more so its highly flammable)
> 10% redstone blocks (faster, so bigger engines)
Allowed Blocks are as per the old Ships plugin.

Please note that as of this writing, Movecraft sometimes drops redstone components off blocks when you move. This screws up all the weapons. Hopefully this will be fixed soon so we can get back to epic airship combat

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Comments (7)

It has the worst trajectory ever... Shoots straight for a few blocks then falls down.. I think I know what happened because this happens on tridents but I fixed it   by iatemyname
on April 6th, 2015 09:25 PM EST
Awsome! Can you please make a Mk 2 With Range Limiter & Anti Aircraft Defense? :-) Altough I could make an AA but not an Range Limiter :-) .   by tyrerexus
on August 4th, 2014 07:11 AM EST

Sadly, this design has been retired. The Goliath is roughly a successor to it, although its a very different design. And they only ever made one Goliath, for reasons that will become clear in the Airship Pirates video series.
  by msummers
on August 4th, 2014 01:15 PM EST

He makes stuff from the airship pirates. There is no mkII behemoth
  by iatemyname
on April 6th, 2015 09:26 PM EST

There is a mk2 behemoth well it's not really the behemoth it was stolen and highly modified into a torpedo ship so yeah there is one
  by barsik008
on July 11th, 2015 06:39 AM EST
LAGZILLA!!!   by Eddddo
on May 20th, 2014 06:43 PM EST

Yup! Well, I did warn ya :)

Although if you get the latest build of movecraft from my github page it's quite a bit better:

I have mode some optimizations that haven't made their way to the released version yet
  by msummers
on May 21st, 2014 10:15 AM EST

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