The Truncoctagon

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Submitted by globecollector
Posted on November 25th, 2016 07:35 AM EST
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This structure is just pure folly and bling. It started when I copied a map a neighbor had, one generated by an older version of the terrain generator with "vesicular mountains" you never seem to see on more contemporary maps using contemporary terrain generators.
When I was young I used to draw these crazy drawings of bridges, buildings and cities in the air inspired by old Science Fiction art. I then desired to embody the spirit of this childhood art in the 3D Minecraft world and place it atop one of these crazy mountains of the copy of my neighbor's old map....then cut it out as a schematic and take it back to his place and put it seamlessly back onto his copy of the map without him knowing exactly where it was and to find as if it had "naturally" generated out there.
He never found it, and still hasn't as the map is 10K x 10K blocks. I lost the copies I had here when a HDD failed, so to retrieve it, I had to get another copy of his map, search it with the "analyze" feature of MC Edit to find "Future Blocks" at high altitude, then cut it into a schematic and post it here. Luckily he still had the map there despite not playing MC for over two years.....
That is the providence of this cyber "Object d'Art". It uses a truncated octahedron...and as you all can probably tell by now, I have this "thing" about regular solids in Minecraft. Pythagorean or not!

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Hello Mr Mad Barrier Island off the coast of North Carolina!

I still have this on my current map, its a fair way out, but I had a teleport link to get out there and take a look.

Yes, there is a whole lot of stuff on top of those fense/fence posts on top of this structure.

Is there anything preventing you from simply downloading it again from this site (just to procure the "radio tower" part)?

I will try to describe what is there, layer by layer from where the four fences converge.

Where the fences converge there is a 3x3 grid of fence posts with the centre one replaced with a block of blue glass. On each side of this 3x3 grid another fence post is placed next to the centre post on each side...these receive a post from below. I will call this "layer 0".

Layers 1 and 2 are the same and consist of glass blocks placed directly on top of the blue glass block in :layer 0". To these are added four lime green glass panes, on on each side, so eight in all.

Layer 3 consists of another glass block, on top of the glass block in layer 2 on the central axis of the structure. On the four sides of this glass block are placed four quartz step blocks, upside down like corbles. There is nothing on the diagonals.

Layer 4 consists of four barrier blocks...(A block I seemed to quite like in this structure, probably because it had just been released) ...these sit atop the quartz stair blocks. In the centre on the axis, atop the glass block, is a block of lava,

There are more blocks in layer 4 all are lime green glass panes, but I will describe their placement below in layer 5.

Layer 5 has a glass block in the centre on the axis (above the lava in layer 3) . Attached to the four faces of this glass block are four quartz slabs that fill the top half of the voxel space. Attached to these four quartz slabs are four quartz stair blocks, this time they are right side up as stairs and face out to the cardinal directions. Attached to each quartz step block is another quartz slab block, this time filling the lower half of the voxel space. (So three blocks out from each face of the central glass block extending out in the four cardinal directions. ) To the sides of each of the step blocks, two quartz slabs are placed. These also fill the lower half of the voxel space. When placed all the quartz slabs should now make a square that is diagonally oriented with each side consisting of four slabs corner to corner.
This is the most complex layer.

On the bottoms of these 12 slabs are placed lime green glass panes in layer 4. They should not link up and should remain looking like green transparent fence posts around the lava.

Layer 6 is simply a glass block at the axis.

Layers 7, 8 and 9 are all the same and are simply fence post blocks stacked one atop the other on top if the glass block of layer 6 at the axis of symmetry. Each fence post has a piece of white carpet placed on arch cardinal side...the corners/diagonals are left empty. So 12 pieces of whit carpet in all in four stacks of three on each cardinal side.

Layer 10, the final layer, is simply a piece of red carpet (probably to represent a hazard beacon like I have on the Conistion Tower),

Layer 11 is beyond the build limit of the map space.

These ten layers I describe here may well be a little different to the schematic posted up here because I altered the whole tower to be transparent to a beacon shot up its axis. Currently I have a red beacon as there is a red glass block somewhere down in the main guts of the tower...this is altered to purple by the blue glass block in "layer 0".

Basically I wanted to see which blocks were transparent to a beacon beam. Lava, Carpet and fence posts seem to all transmit a beacon beam in Minecraft 1.12.

That's all I can tell you, hope it is enough to re-create the missing bits. Personally I'd use some "artistic licence" and alter the colours of the glass panes, carpet and type of wood the fence posts are composed of...possibly even replace it with nether fence.

One last comment...I assume you live on or near Hattera Island.....I live in Tasmania, another largish island in the Southern is shaped like a triangle.
  by globecollector
on February 4th, 2020 05:22 AM EST
The map as only 10k by 10k and he never found it? That's a small map to never be able to find it. lol But anyways nice build. I pasted this in on my single player world to check it out. I think it was cut off was there anything on top of the fense post on top the the truncoctagon?   by TheMadHattera
on February 4th, 2020 03:02 AM EST
Yes, the ladders are placed on barrier blocks to give them the illusion they are in mid-air. Barrier blocks are also used in other parts of the interior with carpet on them or just by themselves to give the illusion of space, but you can't fall.   by globecollector
on December 1st, 2017 01:05 AM EST
Yes, you can see the story of this structure above. I have another version, (not posted on this site) where I cut the mountain off and put it on a set of legs, (made mostly from quartz blocks). The legs ended up, unintentionally, looking like the lower half of the Eiffel this Art Neuveu sort of look for the legs and the futurist/brutalisim of the part listed here on this it looked a bit dorky and that is why I did not bother to post it here. At some point in the future, when I have more new structures to upload I might just upload the legs separately.
Getting this integrated into another map's terrain would be a bit of a headache, if I had to do it, I would simply use MC Edit to cut and delete the lower part of the structure, (but keep a copy of that lower half with this mountain top nearby in the sky of your world as a schematic import as a reference until you are fully finished integrating it to the new terrain then delete the reference once you are finished. Or you could use your own ideas the simply place the top part above your terrain with its highest blocks at y=255, then build down to the terrain in your own style.
  by globecollector
on November 30th, 2017 08:34 PM EST

aight. i just simply placed it ontop of another mountain on a FTB Beyond server. and mined away some of the mountain. But one thing. The "barriers" do u use them behind the ladders? cause i cant seem to find a block to place there thats in the material section. and around stairs too i assume
  by Sarff
on November 30th, 2017 10:39 PM EST
I love the build. but was it intentional to add So much terrain even from bedrock and such? im currently on a server trynna build this. I added it onto another mountain. and its alot i gotta remove and such to even get it lol.   by Sarff
on November 30th, 2017 05:13 PM EST

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