Stormcloud Class Battleship (Winter Version)

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Length 132 Width 51 Height 33


The Stormcloud class battleship is a series of full-size capital
ship designed and manufactured by Gamebreaker Automations.

It is currently the largest class of airship with multiple turrets
to be built by GBA to date.

The Stormclould is built for full scale confrontations and
engagements with heavy opposition. Drawing heavily from the iconic
and proven "Goliath" layout, the Stormcloud class battleship is
built with triple-layered external armor with internal framing and
reinforcement, as well as a backup internal fire control system.

Its large size allows for an expanded interior and improved crew
facilities and functions. The first inner deck consists of the
officers' and crew quarters, a mess hall, and a medical bay. While
the second inner decks includes the storage cells, an armory, a
lockup, and the engine room.

It is intended to be the main attacking and defending ship in a
given group, while being supported and protected by smaller, faster
ships such as the Kestrel-class corvette.

The Stormcloud is currently offered in woodland, arctic, urban, and
desert color schemes as well as its unpainted base color plan.

The Stormcould class carries the largest number of cannons and
machineguns on any type of vehicle manufactured by GBA.

Its primary armament consists of four Extreme Range Cannon Array
(ERCA) turrets, two front, two rear. The gun module used in these
turrets is the same model used in the earlier Longbow Assault Gun
system. This model of cannon is tuned for maximum range and fires in
a fixed, near-flat arc.

These are supported by eight Twin Barrel Gun subturrets, two built
around each main turret. The design of this subgun is a licensed
copy of an unnamed adjustable arc cannon designed by Vpoliisi.

The fire control system for the ships cannons are wired to the tower
bridge and the backup internal control room, allowing for continued
function in the event of a complete loss of the tower.

AA Machineguns are embedded on all four sides of the battleship.
These are controlled from the forward bridge and the tail section of
the ship.

4x ERCA Turret
8x TBG Subturret
24x Broadside AA Guns
8x Forward AA Guns
6x Tail AA Guns

The Stormcould class's main armor belt is tripple-layered. The
outermost layer can be changed based on the user's requirements.
This is immediately followed by a layer of internal iron bar framing
used for absorbing the shock of explosions, and then a final
internal layer of SLAB-type armor plating.

The view ports on all parts of the ship (with the exception of the
tower) are built to tripple thickness with a layer of metal mesh
inbetween to act as a form of spall lining.

The Stormcloud-class battle ship is crewed by 10 operators in the
following layout:

Tower: 6
1x Commander (Navigator)
1x Pilot
2x Main Turret Gunner (Front and Rear Turrets)
2x Sub Turret Gunner (Front and Rear Halves)

Bridge: 6
1x Commander (Navigator)
1x Pilot
2x AA Gun Operator (Left and Right sides)

Weapons, armor, and equipment and consumables are provided on board.

Important: Do not fire the Sub Turrets on lowest arc when they are pointed forward / rearward.

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