DOOM Level 8

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Submitted by Omanoctoa
Posted on June 13th, 2015 06:30 PM EST
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Length 188 Width 112 Height 33 695000 blocks Relative height to paste: 7 blocks


Ultimate DOOM Level 8 - Phobos Anomally - E1M8

Recreation of Ultimate DOOM episide 1, level 8, by ID Software. This level is one of the smallest levels in the game, and is relatively simple in design and function. However making those simple elements work in Minecraft...well its not possible in vanilla. There are some minor variations on this level simply because I cannot duplicate a certain feature in minecraft - primarily raising/lowering platforms and certain textures. The end-game portal doesn't lead to inevitable death though, and the walls in the main area are lowered by toggling 5 button-switches in each corner of the star. This is by far one of the most complicated things I've ever set up using redstone and Craftbook [Gate]s, because of how easily they can break each other. As it is I believe there is still a minor door glitch but oh well.

The schematics pastes in-game facing SOUTH, with the level entrance above your head to the east. The level reset on this arena is automated but has issues with one of the door circuits but its not an important one. It does however cause a minor lagspike due to the larger wall resets in the main level section (the star).

This level uses Craftbook [Gate]s as well as multiverse portals to operate, and does NOT use command blocks. Intended with use with the MobArena plugin, the 2 doors in the center of the star are intended to have either 2 withers or some variation of boss mob. That part is up to you XD

I claim no ownership of DOOM or this level design - I simply recreated it in minecraft for everyone to enjoy.

PS- A large part of the schematic is air. My apologies for this.

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Comments (3)

I love your Doom Maps and wonder if you have made any more?   by SolderGirl
on February 25th, 2017 04:51 PM EST

Not recently, however I did make a recreation of DOOM Level IV as an open-combat arena, and a larger Tower dungeon-style arena. Most of the other DOOM levels aren't as exciting or have large moving sections that are difficult to replicate without Craftbook mechanics.
  by Omanoctoa
on February 26th, 2017 07:15 AM EST
If you would like assistance setting up any of the arenas or levels I have posted, just ask! I can't guarantee 100% setup but I will try my best.   by Omanoctoa
on June 13th, 2015 06:32 PM EST

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