Nether Golem Statue

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Submitted by Omanoctoa
Posted on May 17th, 2016 05:31 AM EST
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Length 12 Width 12 Height 12


Now for something a little different...

This is a decorative statue created by almost solely by Armour Stands. It took quite a while to create and I decided it would be nice to show it off. It contains roughly 50 invisible Armour Stands, a few player heads and 1 Banner. What is really really cool about it, is it works almost perfectly with any texture pack, as most of the blocks on the armour stands are regular blocks and will change with the pack. There are a few player heads (the lava) and one mob head that will not change accordingly, but they look good regardless.

The statue is roughly 8-9 blocks wide, 9 blocks tall and 3-4 blocks deep and is surrounded by Barriers to prevent accidental breakage. It also pastes with part of the floor, including the lava. The bedrock was to ensure players did not use explosives to break the stands from below. I left these parts in because they have a nice look - if you need to remove them, I recommend editing the statue in mcEdit, or carefull WorldEditing around them ingame.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST PASTE THIS USING MCEDIT - it cannot be pasted ingame with WorldEdit to my knowledge, as WE will break the skulls, banner and some of the stands! If you do decide to paste ingame, it should appear beside you at ground level.


You can see this Statue live @

As usual, if you use my creation please provide some credit :)

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Again, will most likely NOT work if pasted in-game. Use McEDIT to paste it in, as it will lose all the data on the armour stands, heads and the banner if you paste ingame with basic WorldEdit. MADE IN MC-1.9

Feel free to leave comments on what you think about it!
  by Omanoctoa
on May 17th, 2016 04:35 PM EST

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