Sentry-Class Light Destroyer

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Category Flying Machines
Theme Futurist
Size Medium
Submitted by Eurgiga
Posted on February 21st, 2014 03:03 PM EST
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This is a medium to small display piece intended as a complement to my HMS Luna Dreadnought schematic posted on this site. Essentially a small companion destroyer/drone carrier. It serves no practical function and is not mobproof, so should be placed in a mobproof worldedit region or in a peaceful map. Fighter drones can be copy/pasted for any space battles you'd like to set up.

Built on the Project Genesis server ( in the Creative map using the default texture pack. You can log in and go directly to the Creative map to tour the ship (includes flight!).

Q. Why are there no doors?
A: One, they don't work with the design (structural). Two, I didn't feel doors fit with a vessel this advanced (conceptual).

Q: I can't get in through the runway!
A: It's deploying fighters. Just remove the one in the launch tube if you want to get in.

Q: Can I use this?
A: That's why it's here. Please give credit where it's due (I.E. put my name on it somewhere).

As with all my pieces, there are gold blocks at the corners of the WorldEdit box to assist in easy moving once you've placed it. Be sure to remove them when you're done.

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