Tropical Fish Mob Statues

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Submitted by boscawinks
Posted on September 24th, 2023 02:58 AM EST
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Yep, that's right. I created 3072 Tropical Fish Mob Statues at a 1 pixel : 2 block scale!

Why did I make so many fish statues? Not sure, but somebody had to do it :D
The tropical fish mob comes in 12 basic shapes. Each can have one of 16 colors for the body and one of 16 colors for the pattern. This gives you 3072 variants of the mob (in the game itself, only 2700 variants can naturally spawn since they never come with either a black body or pattern).

I also added schematics for the 22 uniquely named tropical fish (I call them presets).
To top it of, I created a world save that has all 3072 mob statues in it (open in new tab to zoom):

Loading the world and flying through the big fish swarm is really fun! :P
Note: I used concrete powder to have some more blocks in my palette. If you build the statues underwater, those will turn into concrete. There is nothing I can do about that, but I would suggest replacing the concrete powder with wool of the same color, if you want to build underwater.

Feel free to download and use the statues however you like, but please give credit if you do :)

Check out my Mob Statue Collection for more builds like this!

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