Drive on the Right Dual Simplex Minecart Track Intersection

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Posted on August 24th, 2013 08:08 AM EST
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Length 67 Width 33 Height 34 75174 blocks


This schematic is a "pack" of components, intended to be opened in an editor (like M.C. Edit) and placed onto a test map where it can be "unpacked" into its individual components to be used to assemble a rail transport system to augment what ever you already have on your
main map or server.
There are two versions of this pack, a Drive on the Right, Pass on the Left version, (this version) for those adhering to the rule of the road used in places like the United States, Canada, South Korea or Vietnam.
A second version, (not easily cerateable from this version by simply "mirroring" this version in an editor like M.C. Edit, because of the North-West rule causing the redstone mechanism to malfunction) for Drive on the Left, Pass on the Rightrealms like South Africa, Australia or India has also been posted.
The pack consists of four versions of the track-point intersection, two aerial and two subterranean versions as the main components and a host of dual track "train-set" parts such as ramps, corners and straight length sections both subterranean and aerial. The aerial
track sections are a minimalistic design aimed at minimal obstruction of the view below, roof to keep off the rain, mobs and snow and light to keep tracks clear.

The images depict the Drive on the Left version, to see a Drive on the Right version, simply "mirror" the images.

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haha the other side version. +1 we drive on the right so ill download this one   by mikerspiker
on September 15th, 2013 08:15 PM EST

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