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Minecraft is one of my most favorite games ever made. I love to build all sorts of things, from Houses to Mini Games.

I own a website that I host my builds on because it's easier to update on there and I know that if a site removes my build/builds without warning, It's still available to get.
Your voice has been heard. On all the build posts I created on here now have two types of titles in the description.

WARNING This is a paid download
WARNING This is an open price donation download

A lot of visitors have been complaining about how my system works on my website. So on all pages with a map/schematics, I created here, I will have these two titles and extra information with it.
Open Price is a donation system that will ask for example $5 upfront but if you do not wish to donate or want to change it higher or lower you can. Make it free is $0 before you add to cart.

Unfortunately that owning a website costs money to keep it online. Therefore I sell some of my builds just to keep the site running. Some of you find that a horrible idea but you need to know that server hosting is not cheap. It's one of the reasons why I fully support ads running on this site.

I have full permission to have some of my builds as a paywall on Minecraft Schematics website. From the agreed terms discussed with the admin of this site. I didn't need to add this information in the description but I did it anyway.
This doesn't mean you can copy and do the exact same thing.

So some time ago I was even confronted by the owner of this site and the owner said I can keep the posts on here but I must stay at a 50/50 or more free and I plan to follow his rules he set for me!

If you have any questions you can send me a message here or contact me at any of these places:

Discord: DestructiveBurn#9396

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It's an older build. Exported with MC-Edit. You can use Amulet Editor to import it into your world.
I have a tutorial here that you can follow.
Abadorian Pillar Architecture on January 11th, 2023 09:04 PM EST
How so?
Planet Express Mini on March 18th, 2022 02:52 PM EST
Hello, GamerAnjo_YT
I assume you just figured out the open price system. Enjoy the build! ;)
Medieval Pole Barn on January 28th, 2022 01:09 PM EST