Infinite Piston Lift Bridge

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Submitted by Mikeoz28
Posted on March 2nd, 2015 09:31 PM EST
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Length 59 Width 19 Height 16


Here on Magrathea a little while ago Slartibartfast and I had an order from the White Mice for a new bridge to be installed underwater on Naboo. Initial specs were 3 wide and 30 long with a lift of 2 but main control must be able to be 10 or more under water blocks under water. While we were considering this they dropped a bombshell. There will be other orders they said but "we want a guarantee that you will produce any length we want or we will take our business to the Vogons". We thought about it and said "your saying infinite"! "Hell yeah" was the immediate response "glad your'e on the same wavelength".

After some thought and advice we agreed yes such a bridge or wall for that matter can be any length. Modules were made in order to plug together and satisfy the spec. The following pictures show the install on Naboo, Construction on Magrathea and the packaged bridge for delivery. It rises about 20 seconds after sunrise and sinks 20 seconds after sunset.

As delivered it has a East West orientation and if you need to rotate it look at the signs in the delay module. There will be a need for attention. Use the lower door furthest from the pistons.

The rest of this will be released shortly with explanation for each module and credit to others where it is due. You want a bridge a 1000 long? We on Magrathea can deliver.

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