Lockheed AC-130

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Posted on April 15th, 2015 04:47 PM EST
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Length 50 Width 59 Height 17


A realistically-scaled, fully functional replica of the Lockheed AC-130 Gunship.

The AC-130 is a series of heavy support gunships developed from the C-130 transport plane during the Vietnam War as a replacement and upgrade to the AC-47 gunship.

The most well-known variant, the AC-130U, is armed with one 25mm GAU-12, one 40mm Bofors autocannon, and one M102 howitzer. Though other versions with different armament exist.

This rendition of the AC-130 is armed with the following weapons:

1. A Two-barrelled autocannon - A tandem-firing autocannon with a lava-veil that can be toggled.
2. A Six-barrelled barrage cannon. - For firing Splash Potions.
3. A Self-loading Howitzer / Cannon. - Has a maximum range of 100 blocks forward and 70 blocks downward.

Also included is an NPC Villager for rearming and reloading ammunition. Sells five ammunition types:

1. Arrows.
2. TNT. (For the Howitzer.)
3. Healing Ordinance.*
4. Gas Shells.*
5. Anti-Personnel Shells.*

[*] These are custom splash potions that have been stacked to 64, load these via SHIFT-CLICK only to avoid splitting them up.

IMPORTANT: Several blocks such as Stairs, Dispensers and Droppers may not rotate with the rest of the schematic if it is rotated, mirrored or flipped.

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