Ocean/Cliffside Mansion

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Submitted by Corky
Posted on November 13th, 2014 04:53 PM EST
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Length 110 Width 163 Height 35


NOTE BEFORE DOWNLOAD: Due to the size/shape this download includes partials of the mountain it's built on. If you set it on flat land (although it will work fine) you will have some terra-forming to do on the sides and backside. Also, due to the boat dock area being included, there will be water pasted with it in that boat dock area. Just an FYI

Large 3 story mansion with Boat House/Dock

It's a lil bland on color since the entire thing is built with sandstone. Interior walls, ceilings, and floors are all sandstone. Most of the ceilings are double blocked for the flush lighting so this will allow you to make the ceilings any color you desire without compromising the floors to the rooms above (same goes for floors, can change colors without changing the ceiling below) There are a few rooms that use hanging lights so the ceilings wont be doubled.

33 rooms in various sizes (mostly large) not counting the large open center area with fountain and chandeliers (see pic) and not including boat house. Some of these large rooms and other open areas inside can be walled off for even more rooms. I can add ATLEAST 10 more rooms I this house just by cutting some rooms in half. All up to you.

Balconies everywhere, and even some of these can be broken down into more rooms if desired.

Lighting in all rooms and balconies 100% done (most are flush)
All doors and windows 100% done
All stairs and handrails 100% done
Few trees planted around outside

Rooms are unfurnished except 1 that is a theater room with floor done, make-shift seats, and projector screen.
Large dance hall with 2x2 checker board redstone lamp/sandstone floor lit up.

Boat house is just an open room with stairs leading down to boat dock. Lighting is done but I didn't build actual room(s) in it. Down below is an enclosed boat docking area (minus the entrances)

Landscape allows for plenty of gardening to dress up exterior

To help you lay it out best the 1st time, I copied this schematic standing at sea level (right above water @ Y:63) and I was standing dead center of the front window in the big round part (if you look at aerial view it's the center of the round part at the very bottom of pic, then all the way down to top of water, and facing the structure towards top of pic) So from this aerial pic you can see how it's going to lay out relative to where you paste it.

This schematic is a total of 110 blocks long x 163 blocks wide x 35 blocks tall

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Very Nice work. Alot of time put into I see.

Also I wanted to commend you for EXPLAINING your copy layout. If more folks took the time to actually explain how they copied there schematic. im sure a lot more people would have working worlds. I have had schematics destroy my world before. Massive mistakes when copying.

Again well done. Its living on a flat world map believe it or not. Love making flat not so flat ehehe.

  by stevenb
on October 23rd, 2015 02:03 PM EST

Thanks. I have an issue with lack of detailed instructions on alot of stuff, so i do my best to explain every little thing.
  by Corky
on April 30th, 2017 07:10 PM EST
Great mansion!   by Matheius
on December 15th, 2014 07:18 AM EST

  by Corky
on September 29th, 2015 07:47 PM EST

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