Short Sunderland Mk.2

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Posted on September 30th, 2014 10:38 AM EST
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Length 38 Width 45 Height 17


A fully functional and realistically scaled replica of the British-made Short Sunderland flying boat.

The Short Sunderland was a flying boat developed from the S.23 Empire. It was used primarily as a patrol bomber and anti-submarine plane by the British during World War 2.

The Mk.2 version of the Sunderland is equipped with the improved Obsidia M15A1 self-loading cannon/howitzer. This weapon contains no "compressor charge" in its firing mechanism and instead uses flowing water to "compress" the propellant. This is due to the fact that TNT as entities now move in flowing water, thereby eliminating the need for compressor charges.

This schematic should be Movecraft compatible if a craft file can be written for it.


This plane is operated by a crew of 8 players in the following layout:

2 Pilots
2 Cannoneers (1 gunner and 1 loader)
1 Frontal gunner
1 Bombardier
2 Tail gunners (Upper and Lower gunners)

Can be skeleton-crewed by as few as 4, but not recommended.

Weapons and Armament:

Main gun:
1x Obsidia M15A1 Self Loading Howitzer.
An improvement over the previous model of weapon. This weapon is slightly longer in the plane's internal space, and has an increased range of up to 180 blocks forward.

Frontal Armament:
4x Fireball HMG.
Automatic dispenser machine guns Installed on the upper half of the plane, fire controls are behind the pilots' seats.

Defensive Armament:
3x Fireball HMG.
These tail guns are pointed backwards and are fully automatic. Lower half has 2, upper half has 1.

Anti Ground Ordinance:
4x Automatic Carpet Bomb Dispenser.
Four fully-loaded dispensers of TNT. Used for carpet bombing ground targets, ships and submarines.

Additional Notes:

> All weapons can be loaded safely from the inside of the plane.
> Crew quarters is in the lowest part of the plane.
> The plane contains 8 sets of custom armor and weapons for basic use.
> Contains 3 Command Blocks at the pilot's interface.

Place on airfields, in mid-air or on water (5 blocks or deeper) near coastlines for best effect.

Changes and Edits:
> Replaced the Obsidia M15 with the improved Obsidia M15A1.
>Fixed the levers for the forward machineguns and the TNT dispensers.
>Vehicle length increased by 1 block forward.
>Roof blocks switched from Quartz Slabs to Stone Slabs.

IMPORTANT: Several blocks such as Stairs, Dispensers and Droppers may not rotate with the rest of the schematic if it is rotated, mirrored or flipped.

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