Ice Plains Village 01 (for 1.72)

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Posted on February 8th, 2014 06:47 PM EST
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Length 44 Width 57 Height 20


Working on an ongoing project to make village houses for every biome. Not going to post each building seperately but I will post the whole village. Got sick of baby zombies wiping out my outdoor villagers so I started making "ring bell for service" buttons standard. They use command blocks to respawn the custom villager when you press it. Hopefully you'll never need to use it. Command blocks that use coordinates need to use relative coordinates if you want them to still work after pasting the building to a new location and I made sure to do that, but even then they're usually facing-specific (the south side has to still be south and so on). I managed to make these ones ignore facing by only spawning things straight up or down. And no, there's no cheery shop talk like in the beauty salon in my last village. Guess it's too cold for small talk over there.

Ok features: CHURCH has stained glass window for back wall (so requires 1.72). Top of the tower has a enchanting area with no enchanting table (that's the only thing missing). Preacher has put a bounty on zombies and endermen (gives money for rotten flesh or ender pearls) and also sells a few swords including a very cheap "Wooden Stake" (wood sword with smite 5), some enchant offers, and a leftover nether hunter armor from the legendary Hellfighters (7 archangels who specialized in repeatedly doing nether raids. For kicks or resources, who can say).
BLACKSMITH: As well as providing an anvil, there's a lava waterfall behind the furnace which keeps it always full of lava fuel (ok I haven't perfected this command block fed device. There's leftover lava buckets each time WHICH I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE THROWING AWAY INSTEAD OF USING!!!). There's 2 shopkeeps here, an anvil worker outside who sells enchanted weapons and an assistant inside who sells the normal blacksmith stuff (Iron and Diamond swords and pickaxes, Chainmail and Diamond armor but no Iron Armor) and buys Iron Ingots, Coal, and Gold Swords (just in case you fight zombie pigmen a lot).
BUTCHER: Blood red windows (so requires 1.72), animal spawners for pig, chicken and cow (on the roof). The spawners are capped at 2 (4 for the chickens) so they don't provide much but then a barely in stock shop highlights the fact that it's winter here. Cows are on the 2nd floor, covered by a glass dome.
BOOK STORE: In addition to all the basic things a librarian sells, this guy is also selling paper, empty maps, the first 10 non-empty maps (if you haven't made them yet then you'll get a zoom 0 map centered on x0 z0), and is buying paper.
CHEMISTS: The Chemist is selling all the potions (tier 1 and not extended), plus a few nutty custom ones I made. WARNING, MAY SEVERELY RUIN BALANCE ON MULTIPLAYER SERVERS!!! The Chemist's Assistant is selling all the potion making supplies you'll ever need except for 1 very important thing: the actual brewing stand (or a blaze rod to make it out of). You still need to go to the nether for the first time and get a blaze rod before you can brew.
CHRISTMAS TREE: Well it's a little late but for all I know you might be downloading this next november. It was already there and I didn't bother to erase it because it adds winter character.
WELL: 3 blocks deep, mossy stone brick, and with a surprise or 4.
FROZEN LAKES. 1 or more naturally occuring one just happened to be within village limits. Even more winter character.
(All houses include a bed, furnace (stove), single chest beside the stove (fridge), and crafting table. If tables and chairs are included the table is a piston not a fence and pressure plate. You can place things on piston tables. Also all houses include a few non-transparent blocks in a line above the door to conform to villager AI (so they can know which side is inside).)
FARM: The farmer's hut is a small log cabin with 3 different examples of crop fields next to it. Other than saplings and mushrooms I think I covered every crop.
SMALL HOUSE: Not as small as the farmer's hut. I think of a 5x5 interior as a small house and don't like to go under that.
LARGE HOUSE: Two 5x5 rooms with a 3x5 hallway between them. Outer walls are 15x7. Includes a bathroom and an attic, as well as a jukebox I was listening to while building the village.

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