Airship MK2 Heavy Cruiser For Movecraft

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Category Flying Machines
Theme Futurist
Size Medium
Submitted by Krys01
Posted on May 20th, 2023 04:58 AM EST
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After engineers learned how to work efficiently with new redstone technologies, the consumption of some unnecessary
redstone components was reduced. This became key to scaling down previously used technologies, such as MK1 heavy scattershot turret. The new redstone circuit allows more TNT to be fired at even greater range. The first ship to experience this new technological leap, was the MK1 Heavy Cruiser. The first model could easily withstand three turrets, the second model has four turrets. The ship's hull has been stretched slightly to allow to fit all the turrets comfortably on the deck. The ship is divided into 4 sections, separated by a fireproof partition. After making several prototypes and fixing a few small issues, the Heavy Cruiser was finally put into service, and in the very first few weeks, it has been successful on several battlefields.

4 heavy scattershot turrets (20 TNTs per shot. 80 TNTs per broadside, max range ~ 320 blocks)
13 AA Guns on each side, 3 front and 2 aft
4 patrol airskiffs
  All turrets can be operated from the gunnery bridge. Navigation bridge can take control over 2 frontal turrets, and Aft bridge 2 aft turrets.

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