Belleview Estate

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Category Houses And Shops
Theme Modern
Size Medium
Submitted by DestructiveBurn
Posted on September 13th, 2017 12:01 PM EST
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Length 55 Width 100 Height 29

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WARNING This is an open price donation download
This means you can change the $5 to $0 if you do not wish to donate before checking out.

Please feel free to check out my Privacy Policy to learn more about it. and
Look under: Shop Open Pricing (Donation System)

I have full permission to have some of my builds paid. This build is free on Minecraft Schematics website. From the agreed terms discussed with the admin of this site. I didn't need to add this information in the description but I did it anyway.
This doesn't mean you can copy and do the exact same thing.

Please post a review after downloading it. Thanks.
If you have any questions you can send me a message here or contact me at any of these places:

Discord: DestructiveBurn#9396

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About Build
Belleview Estate is a complete home with everything you need. The Belleview Estate has:

2 Bathrooms
9 Bedrooms
1 Kitchen
1 Dining Room
1 Living Room
1 Game Room
1 Computer Room Loft
Small Farm
DJ Booth with animated Redstone light.
Garage with vehicles and more.
Library with Enchantment Book Room.
The Belleview Estate is a Complete set for everything besides portals.

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Comments (2)

Dont get this trash when you click the link to download it takes you to a sight that wants you to PAY for this build.   by omega1025
on September 10th, 2019 09:16 AM EST

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum all the way down in Chicago and calling my work trash, you would have realized it's open pricing.
It "clearly states at the top right", (By donating below or by choosing any amount when downloading a Minecraft build. ) that means it's open pricing.
Maybe you missed it? That's ok. But you continued...

Your message from my website:
QUOTE: this sucks who makes people pay for builds im going to take these pictures and build an exact replica and put it up how it should be up for free and for the community.

Calling my work trash, threatening to build it exactly and putting it up for free is just silly. Reuploading other peoples work will most likely get it removed. Read the Terms of Service on here in the footer below and other sites.
Next time, ask questions first instead of raging. I know some fellas don't want or don't have the money to support my work or the website. So I don't force people.
  by DestructiveBurn
on September 10th, 2019 10:39 AM EST

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