World on a Pedestal

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Posted on July 28th, 2013 07:44 PM EST
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Length 81 Width 81 Height 106


This is my first attempt at a biosphere. A true slice of Minecraft world enclosed in a glass sphere, placed on a glass pedestal. Includes a really nice cavern running through the lower section with both lava and water inside. True to form with ground that can be mined for ores, natural landscaping, a pond on the surface and more. Perfect for adding your own house, science center or any other creation you wish. Room to build a house, plant a farm and catch fish!

There are markers on top for a temporary entrance (remove once you decide how you will enter), but you will have to add a permanent one if you do not intend to fly in every time. I picture a staircase or elevator bringing you to ground level in the dome if you intend to build upon it or use it as a home base.

This is a fairly large biosphere and schematic is approximately 81 x 81 and 106 tall. Paste at ground level where you want the base of the pedestal. You will be standing at the edge of the pedestal when it loads. You will be able to look up and see the dome appear above you. The area below the biosphere will be a flat grassland once you paste it.

If leaving a low rating, which I understand if you don't like it, have the guts to leave a comment to explain why so I can improve the quality of my schematics. Hope you enjoy!

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