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It's specifically made to be simple and roomy, a basic structure to be decorated by the end user. If you want more complicated designs, look at my other creations, like Witchaven, or the shroom villages.
Home Fires on August 16th, 2023 12:13 AM EST
To all who wish to know, you can freely add any of my builds to any map. Please give me a link to see it, if you can of course.
Underground Witches Garden on June 26th, 2016 11:46 AM EST
Absolutely, I'd love to see the results.
Underground Witches Garden on June 26th, 2016 11:45 AM EST
That's because the exterior is meant to be simple, and the interior is meant to be decorated by the choice of the downloader.
Home Fires on June 1st, 2014 06:20 AM EST
Anyone can use it on any map. If you are talking about a downloadable map, I'd love to see it once the schem is applied. Drop me a link or something!
Underground Witches Garden on April 25th, 2014 12:52 PM EST
There was no mod, or plugin to build. It was all vanilla in creative mode. That's not glass it's vanilla glass panes. Six glass in a workbench in the same formation as fence.
Home Fires on March 28th, 2014 12:05 PM EST
Stunning build. Outside and in, this is truly remarkable.
Voltron Statue on January 27th, 2014 05:48 PM EST