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There wasn't originally a download until after I made this copy.
The Fortress of Scandinavians on September 3rd, 2015 09:26 PM EST
By all means, feel free to use it. :)
Desert Temple on May 9th, 2015 09:30 PM EST
Perfect, EXACTLY what I was looking for.
Awesome Spawn - Ruins on December 23rd, 2013 05:56 PM EST
Oh, and tested + working on 1.6.2. 1.7.2 is not really a requirement...
Schematic #1879 on November 20th, 2013 02:17 AM EST
The wood and gold sword boxes do not work. To fix, edit the command block for each one and change "wooden_sword" to "wood_sword", and "golden_sword" to "gold_sword", then it works now.
Schematic #1879 on November 20th, 2013 02:16 AM EST
Oooooh yes! I am going to have much fun thoroughly testing this!
Schematic #1602 on November 20th, 2013 01:53 AM EST
I think I saw this on the site before, I just cant remember who's or what it was called. Oh well, looks nice.
My Manor on November 9th, 2013 07:19 PM EST
kierownik's mansion on November 9th, 2013 07:17 PM EST
Love it! Lots to explore, and there is a lot of detail!
Jerrys Tree on November 9th, 2013 07:15 PM EST
Looks good, I like the grapevines
Italian Villas (Ecl1pse8) 1.7.2 on November 9th, 2013 07:13 PM EST
Locked chests got removed from the game in 1.7 update.
Huge Boss Arena on November 9th, 2013 07:11 PM EST
Fancy, I like it
Hotel on November 9th, 2013 07:09 PM EST
Lots of space to add stuff.
Greek Temple on November 9th, 2013 07:08 PM EST
High Security Jail on November 9th, 2013 07:07 PM EST
This is nice, lots of furnished buildings to explore.
Schematic #1803 on November 9th, 2013 06:56 PM EST
Heads up for anyone downloading this: It has two chests of highly valuable stuff on the top floor.
"Aecor Nidus" on November 9th, 2013 06:40 PM EST
A lot of empty space inside
A very big house with trap! on November 9th, 2013 06:37 PM EST
Very nice
Nether Hub on November 9th, 2013 06:24 PM EST
Very nice.
Spade Shop on November 9th, 2013 02:17 PM EST
Nice, good size to add stuff onto it.
The ship of the Templars on November 9th, 2013 12:10 PM EST
This is nice, adds something new and useful to the plain old villager building.
Small chapel on November 9th, 2013 12:03 PM EST
Cool idea!
Working Bowling Alley on November 9th, 2013 11:05 AM EST
Of course, but you don't have to give me any credit for it because (1) It's from my old server that some random person made, I saved a schematic of things on the map before taking it offline so I don't know who the original creator is. (2) It is very simple that it's fine to just take it and do anything you want to it.
Pirate Boat on October 17th, 2013 11:51 PM EST
Lol, the stairs!
Trojan Horse Stable on September 24th, 2013 10:15 PM EST
Ah, well I think Endimmion removed the ability for us to cancel our test anyways, so I can't retest with your instructions.
Iron Works on September 11th, 2013 08:25 AM EST
Its missing
Schematic #158 on August 24th, 2013 11:21 AM EST
Warning, blocks/walls are wool, and the floor is lava. Everything burns up, recommended to edit in MCEdit and change wool blocks to stained clay blocks.
Musical Chairs on August 24th, 2013 11:20 AM EST
Should be noted that this is copied/saved from on top of the schematic, so if you paste it at ground level, it digs a giant hole into your ground. If you paste it in the air, its all there, correct and working. Also try using "//paste -a" to paste without the air blocks.
Camp out area in mountains on August 24th, 2013 11:17 AM EST
These ones do work, but they are copied/saved while in the air. So if you were standing on the ground, they would be pasted underground. If you were in the air and pasted it, you would see it somewhat below and to the side of you.
Stack sequencer base cell on August 24th, 2013 11:12 AM EST
Missing redstone torches on the very bottom, but nice idea
small command block clock on August 21st, 2013 12:33 PM EST
I love this, its awesome.
epic airship on August 21st, 2013 12:30 PM EST
This is very beautiful
large trading ship on August 21st, 2013 12:10 PM EST
Schematic #1083 on August 21st, 2013 11:26 AM EST
Lol, "Size: Small", but I can't test because it is so massive and it crashed my server.
Schematic #1079 on August 21st, 2013 10:48 AM EST
Seems to be missing an entrance, but looks good!
Treehouse on August 21st, 2013 10:03 AM EST
Is it just me or are we all unable to "- Report inappropriate content (pictures, comments...)"
We are looking for Moderators on August 21st, 2013 10:00 AM EST
It's missing the 3rd fence on the right, and then the wall after it (the right wall on the first picture).
Schematic #1122 on August 21st, 2013 09:59 AM EST
Extremely huge: 126 length, 118 width, 163 height.
Iron Works on August 21st, 2013 09:42 AM EST
Really nice, looks perfect
Great Fairy Fountain on August 21st, 2013 09:35 AM EST
250 length, 188 width - Is flat on the ground, so watch out with other buildings in the way.
Giant DOMO Pixel Art on August 21st, 2013 09:32 AM EST
That has been happening with all the schematics I download too. I think its a WorldEdit problem with not saving sign text...
Trading Room on August 18th, 2013 11:10 PM EST
Hah, "You cannot test your own schematic !"
Parkour Office/Library on August 16th, 2013 09:48 PM EST
If you dig like 1 or 2 blocks into the ground and use "//paste -a", should have the roots weaving through the floor.
Dungeon's Tree on August 16th, 2013 09:36 PM EST
Woot, congrats everyone.
Too much applications, thank you on August 16th, 2013 09:22 PM EST
In case anyone else is wondering, it was saved from _around_ 105 blocks up, and around 37 blocks away from the southern direction.
Schematic #1193 on August 16th, 2013 09:18 PM EST
Schematic was saved from the top of it, in the sky. Would have preferred it to be recorded from a bottom corner.
Schematic #1193 on August 16th, 2013 09:14 PM EST
This is really nice! Makes my v1 look extremely plain. :p
Desert Temple v2 on August 5th, 2013 12:23 PM EST
Try taking your pictures in the daytime.
Schematic #1007 on August 5th, 2013 12:17 PM EST
Tried to paste it, was really far away; What an odd location to copy/save from...
Steampunk Windmill on July 17th, 2013 11:22 AM EST
Should have left all of the junk blocks (grass/sand/dirt) out. That way you can "//paste -a" to paste it without air and it will go underground with no air holes left.
Beacon on July 15th, 2013 04:37 PM EST
Also, redstone cant be placed on glass. They all popped off on the inside of this.
Compact 'Infinite' Counter on July 15th, 2013 01:13 PM EST
All of the signs in the schematic are blank.
Compact 'Infinite' Counter on July 15th, 2013 01:08 PM EST
Oh sweet, I forgot I uploaded this. I was worried I lost this forever because we lost that map xD

Also fun fact: We demolished an entire NPC village to make way for this desert temple right over it. So I guess you can say this was built over a graveyard.
Desert Temple on July 12th, 2013 07:04 PM EST
Ah, well I made a new version of this for you, which mirrors the top blocks to the bottom. You can find it here: http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/schematic/908/
Artistic Rainbow Pyramid on July 12th, 2013 06:57 PM EST
Oh, my bad, from the last close-up picture, it does look like a custom texture pack with the render. Looks like "John Smith" from the stone bricks on the right.
Red Brick Tudor Castle on July 12th, 2013 06:43 PM EST
Guys, it isn't a texture pack in the pictures, its a render by a 3d rendering program. But still looks VERY awesome!
Red Brick Tudor Castle on July 12th, 2013 06:42 PM EST
Thank you, eliatrop109 :p

I tried to keep the lava to a minimum while still being visible, so its not as threatening lol.
Meeting Hall on July 7th, 2013 11:40 AM EST
Hmm, well all of the glowstone can be changed to anything else, like dirt or stone, or maybe redstone lamps? The glowstone was so it could be seen in the dark, but yeah the map this was on is ancient.
Schematic #87 on April 24th, 2013 04:34 PM EST
Your empty threat means nothing to me. Yes this was created from SethBling's youtube video (which I didnt remember until I read your comment), but I am not going to take it down for the fact that it is already built, and someone else who needs it can simply download and paste into their server instead of having to go through the work.

Who are you, some kind of legal attorney for Sethbling, that you have to defend his minecraft builds anywhere on the internet?

The build on this post was made around the time SethBling made the video in the first place, its been so long, and I just didnt want to bother searching around youtube videos to see who made it. The fact is, that it should be a mostly fully working trade room for someone who needs it, or the 121 people who already downloaded it, and all that matters is that it has helped them.
Trading Room on February 13th, 2013 03:37 AM EST
Heres a picture of the current pvp towers on my server: http://dreamphreak.com/i/46131.png
Just a simple obsidian one, and a netherbrick one. I will try to upload both within the hour and with a detailed description. The players really love to use these pvp towers since they can let in all their friends, but shoot anyone else that comes close, like a clubhouse.
PvP Tower [Black] on January 16th, 2013 12:15 PM EST
In an area where you can fit more than one of these, and have WorldGuard settings for the region: <br />
Build: Deny, Chest-Access: Allow, Pvp: Allow, <br />
Then you can have a neat open-border pvp arena. I had this pvp area in my spawn area, so when people didnt exactly want to run out to the rest of the world that was pvp, they can hide and defend one of these towers. My players tend to find and like whenever a tower like this exists where all of their clan buddies can camp in and defend it cause its something to do, and plus since it was close to spawn, they would feast on the loot of noobs running by. <br />
<br />
My setup was a big enough area to have a spawn building in the center of the region, and these pvp towers in all four corners of the region, and in between each one would be environmental obstacles, like next to Green tower had a forest, next to Red tower had fire/lava, next to Blue tower was a lot of water and few bridges (plus moving water to make it harder), and the Yellow tower was in a desert biome, with plenty of cacti. <br />
<br />
(Not to be used in the air, I simply had it in the air to show people the quick-escape tunnel on the bottom)
PvP Tower [Black] on November 25th, 2012 08:38 PM EST
Wow these look beautiful from the pictures! Keep up the awesome work, I downloaded but need to see them in person! :)
Medieval Houses pack on November 7th, 2012 02:33 PM EST
This is really beautiful, and I love how it is completed but still has a good proportion of features vs space.<br />
The Tavern on November 6th, 2012 10:36 PM EST
Yeah, The contest that I mentioned in the description was great, had a lot of people that entered, and had to get a handful of staff to rate them over the course of like 4 hours. There were a lot of really cool and neat ones but this one won by 1 vote.
Ivysaur's Island on October 23rd, 2012 08:56 PM EST