Hybrid 1 stacker (mini nuker)

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Category Redstone
Theme Other
Size Small
Submitted by Kiki_Wiki
Posted on July 8th, 2017 05:59 AM EST
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This is a Hybrid-ed version of my compressed two 40 one-shot cannon!
This cannon can be used in any Minecraft Version since 1.8


fires 40 TNT
Stacks 1 sand
Tears apart Obsidian walls on Factions
Has decent range for a cannon this small
can be a scatter-shot
destroys water walls

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Comments (6)

will be releasing a fully working version for 1.7.10 (hopefully above) that can actually stack 8-10 sand and nuke the walls of a small-medium sized base (not to skylimit lol)   by Kiki_Wiki
on June 27th, 2018 01:34 AM EST

reply with "ok" if u actually want me to post it
(P.S. for closer claims to walls)
  by Kiki_Wiki
on June 27th, 2018 01:36 AM EST
lol dosent even work wtf
where dose the sand go it will just fall if i start placing it
  by xxmicahrocksxx
on February 1st, 2018 09:15 PM EST
this doesnt even work
  by Oblqvion_
on November 16th, 2017 02:33 PM EST
where does the sand go   by Nyxs
on September 11th, 2017 03:12 PM EST

I believe I had cobwebs set up...
the sand goes on the cobwebs at the top.

and I uploaded this variation of my cannon just because on 1.8.8 servers the sand can stack up to 6 high sometimes if ya got lucky and the plugins interfere
  by Kiki_Wiki
on September 16th, 2017 05:58 AM EST

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