Apex Medieval City

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Submitted by _CC_
Posted on July 19th, 2016 01:57 AM EST
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This is Apex: A Minecraft Medieval style town Built on a Towny Survival Server.
IP: play.ecosmp.net
Resource Pack: ConQuest
The Town was built completely by hand in survival mode. Most of the cities builds were completely original. Although, the city does use some builds based on the designs of other people. They are not exact copies but have the same structure with things modified and added. Also, the way they were strung together, layed out, and beautified to create a city was completely original.
Original Builds:
-The Housing
-The Bakery
-The Church
-The City Walls
-The Tailor
-The Full Town Shop
-The Street Shop
-The Town Center
-The Registry Office
-The Tax Office
-The Butcher
-The Stables
-The Pub
Designs Based Off Of Others:
-The Town Hall: Lord Dakr
-The Blacksmith: Madnes64
-The Guard Towers: Madnes64
-The Inn: Lord Dakr
-The Barracks: Madnes64
-The Mansion: oakley09

I hope you like Apex. Feel free to download the Schematic or join us on the server!

Comments (13)

Thanks everyone for the kind words! My building has come a long way since this was posted years ago. The server has been revamped and is better than ever so feel free to join us any time! :)

IP: play.ecosmp.net
  by _CC_
on November 11th, 2021 02:29 AM EST
Love it!! Perfect for TekTopia. :D   by SamWillGoHam
on June 21st, 2021 11:25 PM EST
Love it!   by MarioRashi1
on April 13th, 2021 08:25 AM EST
do you have the worth.yml for this server so i can use it with this map in mind   by e_woods
on March 23rd, 2018 09:52 AM EST
Outstanding work   by radar6513
on November 6th, 2017 02:11 AM EST
Love nice build,   by
on September 5th, 2017 02:30 AM EST
that map is quite good   by dragongokk
on April 13th, 2017 09:35 PM EST
Me parece bueno, a ver que tal esta ...... Veo veo el mapa carro montaƱa ayer anteayer   by Helthzer
on August 16th, 2016 02:45 PM EST
Great map. With your permission I would love to use this in an upcoming minecraft animated series called Legend of Dasmarinas. I've have started a few things but need a city as my base. You will be credited of course and map will be promoted in every which way. If you can get back to me that be great. http://www.facebook.com/silveralicornstudios   by NEORaven667
on August 8th, 2016 04:33 PM EST
Lovely build! Replaced all wool with coloured clay. Just a personal preference! Thanks :D   by jk526
on July 30th, 2016 06:17 PM EST
As soon as I opened the map after placing the town, the towers caught fire and burned down. Other than that, it is a beautiful city! Great work!   by commnavrizzo
on July 24th, 2016 05:41 AM EST

/gamerule fireTick false
  by jar9
on July 24th, 2016 07:55 PM EST

/gamerule doFireTick false

This is what worked for me. 1.11.
  by randito
on November 21st, 2016 11:40 PM EST

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