Modern mansion

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Category Houses And Shops
Theme Modern
Size Large
File Format .schematic
Submitted by jar9
Posted on February 15th, 2016 07:36 PM EST
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A large modern mansion i made in my city.
Mansion has lots of pools,two floors.Needs walls for rooms and furniture.

Texture pack used: Flows hd

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Comments (28)

This is the schematic load command:

//schematic load 7012
  by AltoShang1125
on September 21st, 2021 08:24 AM EST
Good build! Keep it up :)   by MarioRashi1
on April 13th, 2021 08:14 AM EST

i cant open the map can you help me
  by Hector_TPK
on August 31st, 2021 09:08 AM EST

'Cause it's a schematic, not a regular map. you need WorldEdit first.
  by Plybq
on September 21st, 2021 07:05 AM EST
What is the schematic called

so //schematic load then what????
  by ILikeEatingKidsINMySleep
on March 1st, 2021 09:03 AM EST
Is there a blueprint or a tour video? If yes, please comment the link. :)   by AyyyWolf
on May 15th, 2020 04:38 PM EST
Anyone have a blueprint so I could build it my self on minecraft????   by Smilehappy
on March 21st, 2020 08:14 PM EST
What are the dimensions?   by Ripag04
on September 10th, 2019 12:30 PM EST
Nice project! The house it’s remarkable. If the roof would be covered with one strate of slabs, it would be perfect. Moreover there’s no illumination, it’s like a cave at night, but it’s not a big deal. I think gardens can be improved.   by Bonfy
on February 25th, 2019 09:32 PM EST

whats the schematic called
  by ILikeEatingKidsINMySleep
on March 1st, 2021 09:08 AM EST
fuck :o   by WitherOG
on June 30th, 2017 03:43 PM EST
save?   by Geforce69
on September 13th, 2016 04:01 AM EST
Can you post Minecraft Save for me? Mods in Minecraft doesn't work for me :(   by MichellCz
on July 14th, 2016 04:40 AM EST
Thank you i like your schematics   by Dewa
on April 30th, 2016 10:07 PM EST
Great creation   by Quartz
on April 12th, 2016 03:06 PM EST
What resource pack??
  by Dragoselu
on March 7th, 2016 06:39 AM EST

I was using flows Hd.
  by jar9
on March 16th, 2016 08:06 AM EST
hi , love the mansion. can i ask if there is a easy way to view plans in say office etcas im wanting to do some on the xbox one cheers   by fattcslim1
on February 20th, 2016 03:15 PM EST
Wow this looks amazing. Oh yeah, remember how i was touring your world on my channel? The second part is coming out at one!   by OfficialSameeA
on February 19th, 2016 06:04 AM EST

Thanks OfficialSameeA, i will check it out.
  by jar9
on February 27th, 2016 05:49 AM EST
can someone help me if i open my schematic i see blocks with {?} how can i know that what this blocks are ??   by Maryano
on February 16th, 2016 12:06 PM EST

I dont know what the ? blocks are,When i saved it in mcedit it was real laggy so i hope it didnt get corrupted.
Are you using mcedit to paste it?
  by jar9
on February 17th, 2016 02:42 AM EST

no i use the blue print
  by Maryano
on February 18th, 2016 03:45 PM EST

I cant find this program anywhere :(.
  by jar9
on February 18th, 2016 09:33 PM EST

I found on pmc somone was making a program called minecraft blueprint but there no download.
  by jar9
on February 18th, 2016 09:36 PM EST

Slabs maybe i used a lot in this build.
  by jar9
on February 27th, 2016 05:53 AM EST
  by mtgood21
on February 15th, 2016 09:48 PM EST

Hi .
  by jar9
on February 16th, 2016 12:04 AM EST

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