Dwarf with shortsword & buckler - V2

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Submitted by maladur
Posted on December 13th, 2015 09:45 AM EST
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Length 17 Width 17 Height 49


This is Version 2 of my dwarf statue with a shortsword and a buckler on the back.

The statue is 49 blocks tall and the base is 17 x 17 block wide, but the arms are a little bit wider than the base.

The armor is made of quartz blocks, strais and slabs, the beard and the hair are made of gold blocks.
The skin is made of andesite, the boots are made of spruce wood.
The shortsword is made of iron and dark prismarine. The buckler is made of spruce wood and iron blocks. The Shield is hold on by two straps, which are made of nether brick fence.
From inside the statue is empty, exepct the arms.
If you rotate it you have to rebuild the stairs and torches (inside).

Changes to Version 1:
Now the straps go around the whole shoulder.
I have used stairs to make the statue a little more round. You can see it on the helmet and arms.
The buckler is a little bit bigger than in version 1.
The handle form the shortsword is 1 block shorter, the blade is 1 block longer.
Besides the boots are 1 block bigger and are made of spruce wood to look more like leather.

Feel free to change what u want. And I hope you will upload it too.

Some comments if u like the changes form version 1 to 2, or not would be nice.

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