Grumman F7F

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Posted on October 8th, 2014 12:07 PM EST
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Length 21 Width 25 Height 9


A fully functional and realistically scaled replica of the American made Grumman F7F.

The Grumman F7F was a carrier-capable twin engined fighter aircraft developed toward the end of World War 2. It was intended for use by the US Navy's Midway-class Aircraft Carriers but did not see service until the Korean War.

This schematic is armed with 5 automatic Fireball HMGs, the middle one is fed through a Dropper, allowing for a doubled capacity for the central gun.

Place on runways, aircraft carriers, or in mid-air for best effect.

IMPORTANT: Several blocks such as Stairs, Dispensers and Droppers may not rotate with the rest of the schematic if it is rotated, mirrored or flipped.

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