TnT Elevator ^-^

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Submitted by Goldenphelix
Posted on June 24th, 2014 02:13 AM EST
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A cool tnt powered elevator I made that blows your body up about 26-30 blocks xD
The worldedit schematics mess up sometimes so the dispensers may be facing the wrong way xD (Just turn them around)

I dont know if nocheatplus plugin blocks this elevator.. :( I think it may, because you are technically flying up ...

How to use:
Make sure you don't have god mode on. (It kinda does this for you with command blocks, it gives you absorption and more hearts )
Make sure you aren't in creative
Make sure you don't have fly enabled ^-^

Stand in the launch hole, make sure you are in the middle of the stonebrick block and press the button, and yeah wait for it... hopefully you get shot up, if you don,t try it again...
(When you land on the wool, make sure you walk forward so the piston doesn't detract and make you fall back down and die
(The command blocks should give you enough time with heart/absorption if you do fall down, and not get hurt anyways)

Um yeah ^-^

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