Sambirian Explorer Mothership(for Archimedes Mod Only)

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Submitted by JimmySky
Posted on May 27th, 2014 07:57 AM EST
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In approximately one year 10 large motherships will anchor this world.

Your task is to prepare that by gathering enough information about this world.Explore,contact the
local inhabitants,trade,build and relax.

Remember,be aware our scouts have reported hostile creatures during night!Do not risk your mission,
you are not a warrior you are an explorer!

Miranda,Chief of the Foreign Departement"

I bring you the "Sambirian Scenario":

Sambirians are evolved humans from the neighborhood universe.Lately their interest for Minecraftean Giant Planets grew.Many scouts
were sent and now the Sambirian Council has planned a colonization of one particular world.

You are an explorer from that civilization and your task is to prepare the plan.For that you have at your disposal a fully functional Explorer
Ship and one small Scout ship.The Explorer ship is almost at maximum for the Archimedes Ships( almost 2049 blocks).

In the ship you will find food,tools,diamonds,weapons,and lots of materials.Your task is to build one base inside of a great mountain,one above a high mountain and one underwater base.You will also find a book with your mission details.

IMPORTANT:this only works with Archimedes Mod,the structure has blocks from that mod!

I made this for a singleplayer survival purpose,i do not know if it will work on multiplayer.

Have fun!

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Comments (1)

This schematic works fine with Archimedes (I'm not sure whether you would have to up the max block count in the configuration file for the larger of the two ships - I already have upped mine from default). The one practical problem I found is that moving both ships with a single player is difficult. Perhaps it could be modified so that the scout can be linked to the mother ship when moving both. The block count of the mother ship would have to be reduced by the block count of the scout (or instructions for upping the default block count provided). There would need to be a mating point for the two ships (probably on top) with minimal necessary contact to "join" them. Finally, there would need to be a way to substitute a shore buffer block for the contact mating block when one is ready to use the scout separately.   by goetzliedtke
on September 26th, 2014 11:11 AM EST

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