Mob Birthday Party

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Submitted by KrysTheNeko
Posted on January 15th, 2014 01:46 AM EST
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Remember the Halo Skulls? Remember Grunt Birthday Party? Get a headshot on a grunt and they explode into confetti? How about Minecraft mobs that explode into fireworks upon death? Thats what Mob Birthday Party brings you. With just a few command blocks and some redstone comparator clocks you get plenty of fun. I've encased the circuit in bedrock, with a Chest of Awesomesauce inside as well, which has everything you need. Just be aware that for it to work you need to 1) Be in either a snapshot of 1.8 (This was made in snapshot 14w02c) or 1.8, if that has been released upon you finding this, 2) Have the skull named "MBP" in your inventory, and 3) Be within a 64 block radius of the command blocks. This works for any mob that drops XP Orbs. Have fun!

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