Auto Cobblestone Farm

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Category Redstone
Theme Modern
Size Small
File Format .litematic
Submitted by KeksToGo
Posted on April 6th, 2024 12:22 PM EST
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This Cobblestone is designed by martendamink7582 and schematic with little tweaking is made by me.

Items needed for this Cobblestone Farm:

Cobblestone: 234 (3 stacks + 42)
Leaves: 49
Cobblestone Slab: 24
Lava Bucket: 18
Chest: 10
Observer: 8
Hopper: 5
Redstone Repeater:
Note Block: 3
Piston: 1
Redstone Dust: 3
Water Bucket: 3 (you also need water for waterlogging leaves)
Lever: 1
Obsidian: 1
Sand: 1
Button: 1
TNT: 1

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