Fissure: 2 Puzzle/Adventure Map

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Submitted by where44444
Posted on December 27th, 2013 03:56 PM EST
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I can't update that link for some reason, copy the link below:

Updated download link:

"Directive: Go where the map takes you"

Fissure: 2 is the indirect sequel to Fissure. ( I was going for something as futuristically realistic as possible, efforts were taken to faithfully replicate real life industrial buildings, mining pits, hangars, factories, cities, offices, and airports. Includes a lot of the tricks and NBT editing you may have seen in "Herobrine's Mansion".

Supports 1 to 7 Players

Youtube Trailer

Alternative Download Link:

Do me a favor, if you have adblock, pause it before you click the download link, doesn't recognize that your supporting me if you block the ad. =)

If you enjoyed my map, I definitely accept donations if you'd like to support my efforts now and in the future. My paypal account is

FYI, if you try to glitch out of the map, you will succeed, I intend for the player to follow the most realistic path though

If you have command blocks enabled, a lot of these options should be set for you:
Check these any way to make sure the game is set up right. If your running it in a server, the download also includes a server.txt properties file for the map.

Rules for players for ideal gameplay:
Play In Survival Mode (gamemode 0)
Don't Break Blocks
Set Minecraft Game Difficulty to "Easy" "Normal" or "Hard" NOT "Peaceful" (It's anything but)
Set Render Distance To At Least "Normal"
Set Resource Pack to FissureTech 1.6.2 Resource Pack
Server options for "server.txt" file:
-If you get graphics lag, turn down "Smooth Lighting" in "Video Settings"
-Teleport with Ender Pearls at your own risk
-Press F3+S if your sound isn't working, you may need to press it twice
-Turn of clouds for most realism
-Horses have been replaced with LS3 Robots (Legged Support) You will need to ride them to progress

(As for Fissure's storyline, I know it was lacking, and I didn't do a very good job of getting it across. You were playing in a world in the Guide's mind, who was stricken with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and a tendency to be driven insane by the presence of sand, sort of explained by the random giant field of sand pyramids at the end and the upside down world you enter, followed by worlds that become more and more pixelated until you reach the psychologist's office) (Fissure: 2 is by far more detailed, because it is being simulated in the mind of a superior electronic entity)

The name "Fissure" symbolizes the gap between the graphics of video games and real life, as well as the landform that's present in minecraft, a work of art by itself, which I want to expand on, the underground is a big theme in both maps.

Map is very much inspired by the movie "Oblivion"

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