Ancient wooden storage Room (Auto storage)

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Category Houses And Shops
Theme Ancient
Size Medium
File Format .litematic
Submitted by itslaz
Posted on September 6th, 2023 05:48 PM EST
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Length 68 Width 40 Height 67 20165 blocks


I made this design in my Minecraft survival server decided to create it into a schematic to share
-the red wool is optional you can you any block you like its just for the Redstone layout
-this storage room can hold over 230 different items (non stackable) if you want it to sort non stackable you will have to wire it yourself
-the room is completely automized you will just have to go in and set the hoppers facing the comparator

2 ways
suggestion --(filler)--
for rare/hard to get 1st way is= 1(item of choice)-1-1-1-41
for all blocks 2nd way is= 64(item of choice)-1-1-1-1
-for Filler use Dirt or nether rack and rename it

If you like the build be sure to drop me a follow on twitch to get notified for my next build!

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the first half doesnt work for some reason, the rest does   by yous00
on May 27th, 2024 02:15 PM EST
doesnt work   by murple
on April 7th, 2024 06:25 PM EST
how does the filter work i dont get it   by Metallkrone932
on November 23rd, 2023 09:34 AM EST

whats the problem with the filter? i know about it, i can help with it xd
  by ilyElish
on April 30th, 2024 06:37 PM EST

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