RS IronFarm

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Category Redstone
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Submitted by SchrottiGER
Posted on April 16th, 2023 02:02 AM EST
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This is an Iron Golem Farm with 2000+ Items per hour (Iron Bars & Poppy-Flowers). In order to have even more yield and to manage it immediately, Redstone was added.

Works from:
* 1.19.3 Litematic (1.16.+ - 1.19.4/1.20.0)
* 1.19.3 World.

Also there I add a server-friendly:
* RS-item elevator,
* a standard minimalistic RS-sorting engine,
* and an RS-overflow area, since it now partially works without AFK standing.

The special feature in the overflow area is:
* the possibility of using an automatic garbage can
* and regulating the speed of the automatic function.

? There is also a hidden AFK area for those players who don't like being caught when they are AFK.
? Of course, with an entrance to the technology that is not immediately visible.
! You get the best result if you place the center point at the intersection of 4 chunks, as shown in the picture.
! Don't forget: Zombies (+Villager) need a Name-Tag or they despawn.
? Inside the Download-File you will find the World-Map (save) and the Litematic-Schematic.

Have fun with it.

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