Warden Mob Statues

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Submitted by boscawinks
Posted on September 23rd, 2022 10:22 AM EST
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Hey everyone,

I know that I'm late to the party, but I made a whole bunch of Warden Mob Statues at a 1 pixel : 2 blocks scale!

The variants are:
* normal
* roaring
* sonic booming
* emerging from the ground

For each variant, I created the statue with the Warden's pulsating heart at three "light levels" (dark, medium, and bright).
So there are a total of 12 statues in this submission!

You can find schematics for LiteMatica and WorldEdit as well as a world save with all the statues in the download.
Feel free to download and use the statues however you like, but please give credit if you do :)

Check out my Mob Statue Collection for more builds like this!

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Comments (6)

Hi!this is great, but i have a question, can you do the same but without "leaves" from blue nether tree? it was called warped something.   by CynIsC00l
on January 24th, 2024 04:20 PM EST
amazing   by Subzerist
on June 13th, 2023 07:39 AM EST

Thanks a lot!
  by boscawinks
on June 13th, 2023 10:18 AM EST
I would like to contact you by mail, I wanted to know what you can do. My mail elhimik27@yandex.ru   by RedMaster
on November 30th, 2022 01:41 PM EST
I really like your creations of figures, it’s great that there is such a person who makes them for joy, I wanted to express more gratitude to your work!   by RedMaster
on November 30th, 2022 01:32 PM EST

Thank you! Glad you like my statues :)
  by boscawinks
on November 30th, 2022 03:25 PM EST

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