Automatic Sheep Shearing Farm (Litematica)

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Submitted by Kairinezz
Posted on November 22nd, 2021 07:04 AM EST
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This is an automatic sheep shearing farm in which you don't have to do anything once it is built! (except to collect the wool from the barrel and restock shears into the dispensers)

There will be additional materials needed for this project other than what is listed in the material list. This is the most compact design that I can come up with. Colored glass and colored wool is for aesthetics only, any block will do. Grass must have a transparent block above it to allow for grass spread. Don't forget to add at least 1 shear to each dispenser!

This design is inspired by Pixlriffs. I have posted his video as a general guide to placing hopper minecarts as well as a general idea of what the design might look like when built into a mountain. I understand that people may not have enough room to terraform like he does, so the design of the schematic is smaller.

Also note that there is a hopper minecart pushed into the grass block that the sheep stands on to allow collection. Therefore, you will need an extra 16 hoppers and 16 minecarts.

You will need the following for assembly:
1 Piston
1 Lever
1 Rail

Please watch Pixlriffs' video attached for a guide on how to push the minecart hopper into place. Skip to 7:27 and stop at about 8:33 if you don't want to watch the whole video.

Material list:

173 White Stained Glass (some of these are colored glass, but you can change them out as you see fit)
61 Grass Block
32 Solid Blocks (some of these are colored wool blocks, but you can change them out as you see fit. Only 16 is actually required for redstone)
32 Hopper (for the collection system)
16 Barrel
16 Dispenser
16 Minecarts (for the collection system)
16 Observer
16 Redstone Dust
16 Spruce Trapdoor (any trapdoor will do)
16 Shears (you can add more depending on how many shears you'd like in each dispenser- maximum is 144 shears)

Survival raw materials:

Total iron required: 272
Total quartz required: 16
Total redstone required: 48

Silk Touch Tool may be required for grass block collection!

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Comments (5)

kill yourself idiot   by asdffgasdgaerhearbfdsaer
on May 9th, 2024 12:18 PM EST
Not only does the video not match the design, but the design will not work without a hopper minecart. Description of design, and the actual design do not appear to match.   by wlarkan
on March 28th, 2022 01:57 AM EST

In the description of this creation it says INSPIRED. I didn't want to do Pixlriff's design block for block simply because his is built into terrain and it's larger than most people would like. The video is linked so that users understand how to put the hopper minecart inside the grass block and if they want a description on how the machine works.
  by Kairinezz
on August 1st, 2022 05:58 PM EST

Riiiggght EXCEPT IT STILL DOESNT WORK! if your gona post a schematic IT SHOULD WORK. you left credits to the maker that inspired you but you put out a non working machine. why take the time to do something wrong? its a waste of time and useless. delete everything and just leave the video since its the only thing that actually works, since its not yours.
  by jomoe18
on April 28th, 2024 04:32 AM EST
This is still working in 1.18!   by Kairinezz
on December 1st, 2021 04:06 AM EST

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