3 in 1 cobblestone/stone/basalt Generator

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Category Redstone
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Size Small
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Submitted by burtank
Posted on October 28th, 2021 01:49 PM EST
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Length 9 Width 15 Height 22 576 blocks


This is a 3 in one Stone, Cobblestone, Basalt Generator. With a flip of a lever you can choose between which one you want to make. Only switch on one at a time.

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Works great! A couple notes about the schematic, though. On mine, some stuff was missing or not immediately obvious:

- In my placement, the top layer appears to be missing. There should be redstone running along the top of the build, starting from the yellow/green stacks on to the top of the iron blocks next to the top, down-facing pistons.
- Speaking of, a couple pistons were missing in my placement. One side is sticky, the other regular, so just fill in the row with the appropriate ones (I forget which were missing)
- It didn't come up in the materials list or show very clearly, but there are are two rows of hopper minecarts in the middle of the build. The bottom row seems to be fine just sitting on the tracks, but for the top row you need to place the rail, place the hopper minecart, break the rail, put a soul soil just above the cart, and then use a piston to push to soul soil into the cart (you may have seen this mechanic in other builds)

It helps to build this farm layer by layer, using the render layers configuration to only show the one you're working on. I'd also leave the lava and the top row of iron blocks above it until last, in case you break something.

To use this farm, stand in the glass box with the warped signs and hold down left click with your pick in hand (I use an autoclicker to do this, but there's a way to do it in the minecraft client as well)
  by dgtlshdw
on March 18th, 2022 04:29 PM EST

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