Modular Hallway Schematics Ver. II (With Ver. I included)

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Submitted by mschroeder
Posted on September 27th, 2020 01:40 PM EST
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After working with my first hallway schematics I found when you placed them you had to fill the air with the tunnels. My schematics - not being squared off would have huge gaps of air surrounding them. Rookie mistake. I wanted to fix this by surrounding them with stone (or another block of your choice) so a builder could place them while maintaining solid ground around them.

I also found I was missing some vital pieces, like a proper curved/sharp turn hallways, shorter stair pieces, as well as more variety in rooms.

The schematic available for download is the entire batch of hallways saved as one schematic. I recommend downloading the Media Fire option which includes everything separated out, as well as more screenshots and Ver. I files.

Hallway Pack Ver. I (World File is saved as a 1.12 Minecraft world)
Want to see a lot of varieties of the original Ver. I hallways? Here is a version of my hallway pack before I made Version II. There is a world map with 20 different hallway variations. This will show you an example of what I want to accomplish with my new hallways. There is only one version cut out as schematics for this. If you want to use the others, you will have to cut them out yourself, I highly recommend you use Ver. II though. (Read below if you are new to MCEdit or you want to see what blocks you need to change.)

Hallway Pack Ver. II (World File is saved as a 1.12 Minecraft world)
These are the updated hallway/rooms. They offer you much more variety and styles. There is also three pre-made sections that feature gradual stairs with enclosed rooms. If you were looking to quickly add some stairs and rooms already connected in one schematic, these are for you. There are three varieties of these - some more complete than others. The ornate halls were updated to connect to one another better.

To change these schematics to different block types follow this guide:

The floor and ceilings are different in the new set. I had them as the same in the first one, but wanted to give you a set with the option to change them up. Although I kind of liked some of the original sets being the same, in the real world though, a floor and ceiling are different materials.

STAIRS: There are two types of stair pieces used in these schematics. One for the ceiling and lamp surrounds and one for the floor. The ceiling stair pieces currently match the ceiling blocks. Feel free to change this if you want. The floor stairs can either match the floor of you can use a complementary block that goes with the floor stairs.

TRAP DOORS: I have two variety of builds for each of the two trap door styles (Iron and Wood). Keep this in mind before you start changing the blocks out. Pick the trap door version you want and work around that otherwise you will be spending a lot of time changing the trap doors as this is a longer task in MCEdit. Once you pick whether to use iron or wood trap doors, decide what style of ceiling you want. Changing out the stairs can be a tedious job as well. I do not have all of them completed yet, but my final hallway pack will have all the various stairs represented.

If you made it this far in reading, KUDOs to you.
HELP! I need input on these schematics. I am planning on releasing a Part III to these halls which will include more variety in hall types - block variety (as seen in Ver. I world). Before I do that I would appreciate some input on this particular schematic set. If you find any errors or if you have suggestions/requests or find a better way of modifying specific schematics, let me know. I do not generally get a lot of feedback on my work, but would really appreciate some on these. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these schematics.

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Прикольно, похоже на галереи гномов!   by kbalex
on October 9th, 2020 02:38 AM EST

Thanks. :) Maybe I should make a proper Hobbit version next?
  by mschroeder
on October 17th, 2020 05:29 PM EST

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