Pathways Tree Schematics and 1.12 World D/L

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Submitted by mschroeder
Posted on May 10th, 2020 11:17 PM EST
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PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD: The local PM download only has the schematic files. The Mediafire download contains schematics and world D/L. There are things in the world D/L that are not in the schematic files.

Here are some trees to help fill some space and create some oxegen in your community. Enclosed are two main groups of trees. One set is lit - they help light up the area. The other group is unlit. I am missing some of the larger unlit trees. I just haven't had time to cut them out into schematics yet.

Also attached are 21 potted taller jungle trees. I have included one that has an underground hallway attached to show you the main idea I had with these planters. You will also find a matching set of hallways that link up with this special planter.

Lastly, I have included a few extras you might find Fun or useful.

Stay well everyone.

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Comments (3)

How to download this map? greetings
  by Juggernaut1
on January 24th, 2021 10:45 AM EST
Thank you so much for this! You have created a collection of trees that, when combined in a build, do not take from the centrepoint, but contributes to it, filling the space without being flashy and distracting. Very well done!   by Vobibobi
on May 11th, 2020 07:20 AM EST

You are welcome Vobibobi. I am glad you like them. I have learned they work really well in World painter by creating various tree layers as well as bush layers. For those spots you missed MCEdit also helps. :)

I need to get the rest of them copied and saved out as schematics. That is pretty consuming, but it needs to happen. Comments like yours help motivate me to do so. Thanks again and happy building!
  by mschroeder
on May 11th, 2020 06:55 PM EST

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